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  9. Procrastinate Efficiently: Grab These Handy Items For Your Office Space

Procrastinate Efficiently: Grab These Handy Items For Your Office Space

Check Out These Items Instead Of Filing That Report

Putting off filing that company report? Make your procrastination (somewhat) count; check out these handy items for the office space that you can grab on Amazon.


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1. Fake Succulents

Even if you love your job, working in the office can easily get a little dull. Liven up your space with some fake succulents! All of the fun of real plants with none of the responsibility? Yes, please!


2. Ergonomic Keyboard

If you're going to be typing away all day, you're going to be at greater risk of developing joint pain. Fortunately, you can help protect your wrists and hands by using an ergonomic keyboard. With strategically placed low-force keys, you won't have to exert as much pressure to use your keyboard, leaving your hands and wrists feeling more relaxed by the end of a productive work day.


3. Earbuds

Want to jam out to your favorite tunes without disturbing your coworkers? These wireless Bluetooth earbuds from Dudios can help. With hours of playtime and a portable charging case, you can listen to your playlists as you work through long projects. What's great about this wireless set is that it won't break the bank, unlike plenty of other models out there.


4. Microwave

It's tempting to eat out every day, but that can quickly become expensive. Save money in the long run and invest in a high-quality microwave. This powerful model from Panasonic will evenly prepare your lunches and keep them warm if they have to sit for awhile. Start bringing those tasty leftovers to work so you can enjoy your favorite dish a second time.


5. Roomba

The last thing anyone wants to do at the end of a long workday is vacuum the office. Skip this boring chore with the help of a robot vacuum cleaner. This iRobot shows why Roomba is practically synonymous with self-cleaning vacuums. This effective machine can automatically adjust its suction power depending on the surface it's on, and it sweeps away from edges and corners, leaving no dirt behind. Never stay late at the office cleaning again with this Roomba!


6. Small Coffee Maker

Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up to get through the day. Don't waste an entire pot of coffee if you need just a single cup of joe; this personal coffee maker can fit most of your cups and mugs. And for the environmentally conscious, this coffee maker comes with a reusable, dishwasher-safe filter. Your afternoon caffeine fix just got a lot easier (and greener).


7. Paper Shredder

Even in today's tech-centered world, there's still plenty of paperwork to manage. If this sounds like your office space, you're going to need a paper shredder to protect sensitive information. This 12-sheet cross-cutting shredder ensures that no one is able to salvage any information from paper you put through its teeth. But it's not just lots of paper that this device can handle; it's also able to eat right through credit cards as well. Your information is safer than ever thanks to this AmazonBasics shredder!


8. Snack Packs

Be everyone's favorite coworker by stocking up the office space with plenty of snacks. This 20-pack snack box from Nabisco is sure to have something everyone will enjoy, from Chips Ahoy! fans to animal-cracker lovers. The best part? It's all under $7!


9. Water Dispenser

Staying hydrated is a lot easier when there's water nearby. Keep dehydration at bay with a high-quality water dispenser from Avalon. It holds up to 5-gallon bottles and has both hot and cold water spouts. With its stylish design, this water dispenser will fit right into the office d├ęcor.


10. Receipt Scanner

Do you dream of going paperless? You can do just that with a receipt scanner. This portable one from Fujistu lets you scan any document you need, any time, any where. With this handy scanner, you can instantly make searchable PDF files of all your paperwork. Managing your paperwork in a greener and more tech-forward way just got much easier.