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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Thoughtful & Sweet Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

A couple exchange a red heart-shaped box that says "love" in cursive writing


That date is marked on your calendar with a shining red heart, and you just can't wait to show the love of your life just how much they mean to you this Valentine's Day. Every year, people spend more than $18 billion to express their affections for the heart-filled holiday. This averages out to roughly $136.57 per person.


Already have gifts in mind? Plan to go all traditional with your expressions of love? Coming up empty for ideas? Whichever way, it is well worth taking a look at some of these Valentine's Day gift ideas.



1. A Love Letter

A handwritten love letter with a feather quill


Your heartfelt sentiments may normally be enclosed in a card for Valentine's Day. But why not go a little further and do something that lovers have traditionally done by composing a legitimate love letter? These days, written communication with electronics is so common that very few people ever actually sit down with a pen and paper. Why not express your love in a more tangible way? If you want to make her heart flutter or his heart skip a beat, try handing over a love letter that you have carefully penned by hand and poured your heart into.



2. A Picnic

A couple sits on a picnic blanket outside on a sunny day


Anyone can pick out a snazzy restaurant and go order food, but it takes a little thought and planning to have a picnic. Not only do you have to pick a nice spot and pull together food that your significant other enjoys, but you also have to put your heart into making the picnic a romantic setting. Pick up a bottle of wine, a cozy throw in case your love is cold, and maybe even a jarred candle just to set the mood. If the weather permits where you live, a Valentine's Day picnic is the perfect way to show how much you care.



3. Scented Candles

A candle with


There's something romantic about a flickering flame, there's no question there. However, gifting a special scented candle is a truly personal present. To pick the right candle, you have to know what fragrances your lover likes or what scents would remind them of you. There are even candle companies out there that let you customize your own fragrance blends for special occasions, which will make for an incredibly thoughtful gift.



4. Preserved Roses

A close-up shot of a red rose


Lovers spend about $2 billion on flowers around Valentine's Day, which goes to show just how alive and well this traditional token of love is even in the modern day. Yet, that expensive bouquet of roses and baby's breath will only last about a week if all goes well, so why not opt for a gift that will last a little longer but has the same appeal? Preserved roses—which are sometimes referred to as everlasting or forever roses—are flowers that have been specifically treated with a preservative, so they will last a long time. You could buy a bouquet and your lover can enjoy it for several months, if not years in some cases.



5. A Trip Back In Time

A couple walks down a paved walkway together


A planned trip back in time may sound like a peculiar gift, but it is actually something perfectly fitting for Valentine's Day. It works especially well for couples who have been together for a while. Make a map of the places that hold significance in your relationship, such as where you first met, where you went on your first date or had your first kiss, or where you popped the question. Plan an evening of visiting these places together on a romantic stroll or outing. To announce your plans, hand over the map and let your significant other discover just how thoughtful you have been.



6. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

An assortment of strawberries and chocolates


Sweets for your sweetie on Valentine's Day are traditional, but if your sweetheart is not big on sugary chocolates, consider some chocolate-covered strawberries instead. These items look absolutely lovely when they are all decked out and arranged in a package. The combination of sweet strawberry and savory white, milk, or dark chocolate makes for an impressive collaboration. If chocolate-covered strawberries are not something your lover really likes, even a fruit bouquet is pretty impressive for the occasion.



7. A Couple's Massage

Two massage tables sit side by side with a folded towel that looks like a swan


It is always good for a couple to spend relaxing time together, and there is no better place to make that happen than at a spa that offers massages for couples. These massages are typically set up in a pretty romantic atmosphere, especially if you request that kind of setup specifically for Valentine's Day. With the lights low, candles burning, and both of you enjoying a massage, it is easy to think of all the reasons you're in love.



8. Long-Distance Lamps

Two lamps hang from a ceiling


This one is a really cool idea for couples who don't yet live together or who are in a long-distance relationship. Modern technology has made way for all kinds of fun ways for couples to connect, and these lamps are a good example. Each person gets a lamp to place at their bedside that connects wirelessly to the Internet. When one person or the other is thinking about their partner, they can touch their lamp to turn it a different color; their partner's lamp will follow suit. These lamps make a good gift because they show that you want to stay connected.



9. A Planned Getaway

A scenic picture of a white sand beach next to a clear blue ocean on a sunny day


There are few things that can show someone just how much they mean to you or how much you want to spend time with them like a gifted vacation or short getaway. A romantic getaway doesn't have to be anything drastic or expensive to truly make an impression. Something as simple as an overnight stay in a lover's suite at a fancy hotel or a weekend at a beach-side bed and breakfast will do the trick. Just make sure you pick a place that you believe your partner will enjoy the most and consider their obligations in advance.



10. A Customized Throw

A blue throw blanket rests on a purple couch


Make sure your significant other knows just how much you love to cuddle them even when it may not be possible for you to do so. Customized throws can be ordered from lots of different places. You can add all kinds of touches to the throw you have crafted for your lover, such as pictures of the two of you or favorite words associated with your relationship. Any time your lover feels lonely, they can wrap themselves in your gifted throw and feel just a little closer to you.