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  9. Top 10 Trumpiest Donald J. Trump Tweets Of All Time

Top 10 Trumpiest Donald J. Trump Tweets Of All Time

Best Tweets Ever?

The Twitter bird sports Donald Trump's iconic hairstyle


Donald J. Trump is known for many things, from his behavior as the 45th President of the United States to his classic "You're fired!" line from his time on The Apprentice. No matter what role he's played, he's been vocal about his opinions, perhaps nowhere more noticeably than on his official Twitter account. Controversial, iconic, inflammatory, strong-willed. . . People have described his posts in many different ways. However you want to classify these tweets, there's no denying that they certainly stand out. To celebrate these bold and sometimes bizarre posts, we're going to take a look at the Trumpiest tweets Trump's ever posted.



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10. New York Needs Global Warming

Trump tweet that reads
Image: Official Donald J. Trump Twitter account


We're off to the races with this post, tweeted long before Trump's presidential campaign. He has a long history of vocalizing his disbelief in global warming, despite the overwhelming scientific consensus that man-made climate change is real. While the Don has posted many times about the subject, this one is a short, sweet example of the directness that's associated with Trump's rhetoric.



9. Best Tweeter EVER

Trump tweet saying
Image: Official Donald J. Trump Twitter account


You know what, I can't argue with this. There's no denying that Trump's tweets regularly make headlines around the world, are regularly re-tweeted, and have ingrained themselves into pop culture. If that's what it takes to be the "Best 140 Character Writer in the World," then the Don has certainly earned that title.



8. Kim Jong-un is Short and Fat

Trump tweet calling Kim Jong-un short and fat
Image: Official Donald J. Trump Twitter account


Diplomacy via social media seems to be a staple of the Trump administration. This well-known tweet from the Don's first year in office exemplifies this new type of foreign policy through Twitter. Apparently insulted after the Supreme Leader of North Korea called him old, Trump fired back with his own insults, referring to Kim Jong-un as "short and fat." To end matters in a diplomatic fashion, the U.S. President did express his wish to someday become friends with the man he dubbed "Little Rocket Man."


Don't worry, though; this story has a happy ending(?). . . The president made headlines in 2018 by declaring that, after exchanging letters, he and the North Korean leader "fell in love." (No, really.)



7. My Nuclear Button Is "Much Bigger & More Powerful"

Trump tweets that his nuclear button is
Image: Official Donald J. Trump Twitter account


Before 45 and the North Korean supreme leader patched things up, there was another foreign policy tweet that grabbed attention around the world. Trump shocked many with his declaration that his nuclear button is "much bigger & more powerful" than the one possessed by Kim. This is after 45 called the peninsular country "depleted and food starved." Defenders of the post claim it was a firm reminder of American military and technological might, while opponents argue it is a display of childish behavior unfit for someone serving in one of the world's most powerful offices.


If I had to describe this tweet in one way, I'd say it's like gunboat diplomacy, but with nukes and tweets instead of canons.




Trump tweet reads
Image: Official Donald J. Trump Twitter account


Trump definitely has a love of capital letters. This 2018 post is only one word long, all in caps, and is likely a reference to the anonymous New York Times editorial that was critical of the White House. . . and it was supposedly written by someone inside the White House. Allegedly, Trump was upset at the op-ed, as well as the fact that the author remained anonymous.



5. "We"

Trump tweet reads
Image: Official Donald J. Trump Twitter account


That's it. That's the whole tweet. The single-word post—much like some of his other iconic tweets—picked up steam and quickly became a meme.


There's two explanations for this post. Either it was meant to say something else but was sent prematurely or the message is clear to him alone, not the general population. Either way, it'll remain an enigma for a long time.



4. Trump and Putin are BFFs

Trump tweet wondering if he and Putin will become friends
Image: Official Donald J. Trump Twitter account


Posted in 2013, this tweet precedes Trump's presidential run, dating back to the time when he owned Miss Universe. In this now-inflammatory post, the Don questions whether he and Russian President Vladimir Putin could meet at this pageant and become friends. The Internet is pretty divided on this one: some point to it and claim it's politically damaging, while others say it's just smart business practice.



3. Diet Coke is for Who?

Trump tweet claims that nobody who is thin drinks Diet Coke
Image: Official Donald J. Trump Twitter account


This one is a bit of a head scratcher. What prompted this post? How did he come to this conclusion? While we may never know the answers to these questions, we do know that 45 is fond of this beverage. Make of that what you will.



2. Losers and Haters Need to Get Over Trump's Intelligence

Trump tweets that he has a high IQ
Image: Official Donald J. Trump Twitter account


45 has tweeted more than once about his intelligence. This particular post definitely earns a spot on this Trumpiest tweets list because it includes a shoutout to the "losers and haters." This phrase is perhaps now the quintessential Trumpism, surpassing even the ever-popular "You're fired!"



1. Covfefe

Trump tweets covefefe
Image: Official Donald J. Trump Twitter account


It's the post that launched a thousand memes, and no, you can't make a Trump tweet list without this iconic piece of social media history. Yes, based on the context, we can tell the president meant to say "coverage." That didn't stop the Internet from stepping in and doing what it does best: mocking typos and making memes.


Trump holds an executive order that reads
Image: Reddit


Considering how widely this tweet became parodied—it even generated a hashtag on social media—this is definitely the Trumpiest tweet out there. Long live #covfefe.


Disclaimers: Views expressed in this article are solely those of the author.