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Top 10 Short Hairstyles For Women To Rock Today

Classic, Timeless & Fashion-Forward Looks

3 women sport short hair


Most women have strong opinions about their hair. How we wear our hair reflects the way we see ourselves. Hairstyles may represent our innermost feelings, allowing us to offer opinions about things without having to risk judgment. The length of our hair may also give others an insight into our fashion sense, our willingness to buck tradition and be true to ourselves, or even a desire to put comfort over our outward appearance. Despite unspoken rules about acceptable hair for women, short hair can be classic, timeless, and fashion forward. The ideal short haircut makes it possible for the women who sport it to experiment with countless possible styling tricks.


Here are ten of the most popular short hairstyles for women and some insights into what makes them so fashionable.



#1. The Short Pixie

Woman sports a short pixie hairstyle


The pixie is the most popular short haircut right now. It can be an excellent introduction to short hairstyles for women who transition from long locks. Variations on the cut offer different looks that range from sleek and modern to trendy and edgy. A pixie is a smart choice for active women who want a cut that lets them wash and go. Surf paste or sea salt spray will create a genuinely natural look that is slightly messy, easy going, and often effortless. Pixies are a good option for women with oval, heart-shaped, and round faces. They're also good for older women who want a short hairstyle that's trendy, fashionable, and fun.


#2. A Short Chin-Length Bob

Woman sports a short chin-length bob


This short chin-length bob haircut is classic and timeless. It's ideal for women who may be reluctant to embrace super-short hairstyles. It's also good for women who don't want to feel like they're caught in a time warp. Blow drying this haircut will give women with thin and fine hair the added volume they crave. Styling tips? Apply surf paste to create a messier look. You can also put a dab of curl enhancer in the palm of one hand. Then, rub your hands together to distribute the product before running hands through hair, scrunching to get the desired shape. This style is well-suited to women with every face shape. Old or young, you'll never be out of style with a classic bob!


#3. Short and Chic Wavy Bob

Woman sports a short and chic wavy bob
Image: nikoretro via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)


This bob is designed for women who have curly or wavy hair. It's time to stop fighting the curls and waves that other women envy. This design showcases nature's blessings. It also offers countless styling options. For an effortless and natural look, a nickel-sized dab of curl enhancer will add definition to the waves and keep them looking good all day. To get a more styled and symmetrical look, use a curling iron. The bob is such a versatile hairstyle, and it is suited to every face type.


#4. Layered Long Pixie

Woman sports a long layered pixie


Short and layered represents a combination of two of the hottest trends in haircuts and hairstyles today. The layers add texture, and for women with thin or fine hair, layering creates the illusion of more volume and fullness. It is an equally fabulous haircut for women with thicker or coarse hair. This super trendy haircut offers a ton of styling options, from a smooth and sleek look to a wind-swept messy and somewhat beachy look. Longer layers soften the harshness of a traditional short pixie. Better yet, it is a cut that stylists can customize to suit every face shape. It's an excellent cut for older women who want short (but not super-short) hair. 


#5. Choppy Inverted Bob

Woman sports a choppy inverted bob


The choppy inverted bob combines elements of asymmetrical styles and the classic bob. The hair flows towards the face in the same manner that it does in asymmetrical cuts. The sides are almost identical in length, a feature that isn't characteristic of asymmetrical haircuts. A stylist will use a razor to get the choppy layers, which adds texture to the cut. These features give it an edgy look. The addition of highlights will bring out the choppy layers and the uniqueness of this hairstyle. It is a style that's best suited to younger women who like to make bold statements with their appearance. Best of all, it works well with most face shapes.


#6. Asymmetrical Angled Lob

A woman sports an asymmetrical angled lob
Image: Maria Rantanen via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)


A lob is simply a long bob—the ideal haircut for women who aren't ready to go full-on short. The asymmetrical angled lob is a one-sided version of the angled lob. Rather than cutting both sides at an angle—which is what happens with the angled lob—the asymmetrical component of this lob only has the angle on one side. A lob is a perfect hairstyle to showcase balayage. The balayage strokes add a trendy, dramatic touch to a classic, timeless haircut. It is well-suited to most facial shapes except oval because it will elongate the appearance of an already long and narrow face.


#7. The Graduated Bob

Woman sports a graduated bob


The graduated bob is a close cousin of both the inverted bob and the angled bob. Its distinguishing feature is the graduated line between the front and back. It's less pronounced than it is on either the angled or inverted bob. An advantage of the longer front pieces is the ability to put the hair behind the ears.


This style is also pretty versatile, as a bob lends itself to a host of styling options. You can use a curling iron to create soft waves or more defined curls. A flat iron will get you a smooth and sleek look. The graduated bob can really be fussy for those who want to play with styling possibilities! But it also lends itself to the "no muss, no fuss" approach to hair care. A graduated bob works with most face shapes. A stylist might recommend taking it shorter for women who have oval- or oblong-shaped faces because straight styles tend to lengthen the appearance of an already long face.


#8. Short and Curly Permed Hairstyle

Woman sports a short and curly permed hairstyle


We don't hear a lot about permed hairstyles these days. While it may seem as though new color techniques are storming the hair scene, perms are another form of chemical hair treatment that can offer women another popular hairstyle option. A short perm can create tight or looser curls, depending on the look you desire. It isn't a high-maintenance hairstyle, but it is essential to use products that are formulated for permed and color-treated hair. Styling products offer flexibility for women who want to experiment with possible ways to vary the look of their style. Most women will wear this hairstyle well; it does add bushiness to the hair, so it might not look attractive on women with broad faces.


#9.Thick Hair Short Pixie

Woman with thick hair sports a pixie


For women who have a love/hate relationship with their thick hair, a short pixie is the ideal short haircut with which to tame their wild and out-of-control locks. A stylist will cut the hair in a way that doesn't try to fight the challenges of unruly thick hair. This style uses natural volume as an advantage. Styling products that serve different purposes make it possible to play with several variations on the basic look. What's also great is that you won't have to worry that your hair will seize control again. For women who want to go with a short style that is optimized for thick hair, this option is a winner. It will work with all face shapes.


#10. Thin Hair Short Pixie

Woman with thin hair sports a short pixie


Women with thin hair face the opposite challenge as that of women with thick hair. Long hair emphasizes the fineness of thin hair because the length weighs it down. One way to achieve that desirable volume is with a short haircut. With two styling tools—a round brush and a blow-dryer—it won't take more than a few minutes to create the illusion that thin hair has loads of volume. As women age, their hair gets thinner, so this style is the answer to the frustrations that mature women may have about their thinning hair. A skilled stylist can make a pixie look good on every face shape!


Spring is around the corner. If you want to embrace the upcoming season with a super-stylish, fashion-forward, and trendy new look, talk to your stylist about the best short hair options for your face shape and hair consistency.


Disclaimers: Views expressed in this article are solely those of the author.