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Our Hottest Product Pick Of The Day

So Hilarious, It's Genius?

A wooden sauna with a white stick figure inside.

Amazon really does sell everything. From subscription food boxes to Lady Gaga's new makeup line, anything anyone could ever want can be found on this online retailing giant. Of course, one of the best things to do on the site is to look around and dig up some hidden gems.


Like this.

SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa | One Person Sauna | with Heating Foot Pad and Portable Chair
The height of ~luxury~



Is that a medieval torture device? you might ask. Not quite. It's a portable spa. A one-person sauna, to be exact. That's right. You don't have to travel to Finland for the sauna experience. Just zip yourself up in one of these bad boys—all in the comfort of your own home or apartment.


There's also spots for you to poke your hands out and tweet on your phone as you sweat it all out. #spaday #glowing


With an included folding chair, you can sit comfortably for a hot second.♨️


Is this really the most ridiculous Amazon product out there? Let us know what you think in the comments.



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