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  9. Take A Walk Around The Block With Today's Most Ridiculous Product

Take A Walk Around The Block With Today's Most Ridiculous Product

Finally, Something You Can Commit To

A person wearing orange and gray Nike shoes walking on gray concrete stairs


Incorporating exercise into your everyday routine can be difficult for the avid Netflix-binge-watcher and nap-taker. If you're trying to shed a few pounds or turn into a lean, mean, fighting machine, hitting the gym isn't so easy when just getting there is a challenge. Luckily for you, a new solution has hit the market that's perfect for any non-exercise enthusiast!


BigMouth Inc Exercise Block

BigMouth Inc Exercise Block - Hilarious Wooden Exercise Tool with Imprinted Instructions Directly on the Block, Makes a Great Gag Gift

Put those gym shoes away, this new exercise means no sneakers required! You won't even break a sweat. Simply place the block on the floor, walk around it twice, and then pat yourself on the back because you've just walked around the block twice. Now you can show up Karen from down the street who brags daily about her newest exercise routine, all with a minuscule amount of effort.


Quit paying for an over-priced gym membership and purchase the newest craze for only $10.99! This hilarious exercise tool makes for a great gift for anyone who hates working out, or even as a great conversation piece while it's on display in your home. Everyone will be asking what your secret is when you hit your fitness goals with this exercise block!



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