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  9. 10 Tricks To Maximize Job Responses When Using Indeed

10 Tricks To Maximize Job Responses When Using Indeed

Stand Apart From The Crowd

A man in a suit gives a thumbs up for maximizing job responses when using Indeed


Indeed is one of the largest job listing sites available. Both employers and job seekers use Indeed, so it's a great way to find a job. It can be hard to make your application stand out and get the attention you want, though. The ten most effective tricks to maximize job responses when using Indeed are coming up next. You can use these strategies to get your application noticed, to get asked for an interview appointment, and to actually get the job you've always wanted.


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1. Use Keywords

Nowadays, many employers use software that goes through each application. This software searches for applicants that best match the job description. One factor the software filters for is keywords. Use relevant keywords throughout your cover letter and resume to get your application placed in the "best matches" category. This trick could automatically reduce your competition by at least 50%! To find the keywords to use, search the job posting. The keywords will always be related to the skills and education criteria.


Business-related words on a cardboard cutout


2. Follow Instructions

Many employers want to ensure that job applicants fully read the job posting. They may leave specific instructions as to how to address your cover letter, how many references to include or something else. Before you hit that submit button, read through the instructions one last time to make sure you followed them to the letter.


A woman writers on a notepad next to her laptop


3. Be Selective

Indeed reports that people who submit the highest number of applications receive 39% fewer responses. To maximize your response rate, be sure that the job you're applying for is actually within your field of expertise. The "close your eyes and throw a dart" approach doesn't work with job applications. The closer your skills, education, and experience match what the employer is looking for, the more likely it is that you'll get a request for an interview.


A woman chews on the end of her pen as she thinks of places to apply for through Indeed


4. Register an Account

Job searches can last for a long time, so you can end up with a lot of activity at different stages. One way to stay on top of it all and maximize job responses is to register an account with Indeed. This enables you to see exactly where you applied and when. That way, when you get a follow-up response on a job, you can trace it, read over the job posting again, and tailor an effective reply to the employer that just might get you on the short list.


Welcome screen on a smartphone


5. Apply Right Away

Often, employers are eager to fill a job as quickly as they can. This is why the first few applicants get the most attention. As soon as you see a job posting that fits within your area of expertise, don't just set it aside. Act on it and submit your application. The sooner you apply, the more likely it is you'll be in the top ten list of applicants, which can better your chances of getting a positive job response.


An analog clock


6. Set Up Job Alerts

When you set all the filters for your job search on Indeed, go ahead and set up an email job alert for that search. This is the best way to guarantee that you'll be notified as soon as a job posting is listed that matches your job search criteria. This ensures that you can be one of the first few applicants, putting you ahead of the pack. You can set up as many separate job alerts as you want, too.



7. Set Preferences

When you register an account with Indeed, you should immediately go in and set up your search preferences. Anything you can do to make your own job search more efficient will ultimately lead to better results.


This includes setting the regional search range, how many results to show on each page, and the age of the job postings you want to see. This is simply one of the best ways to maximize your job responses. Why? Because it enables you to quickly filter through relevant job postings instead of spending time looking at outdated listings or ones that are too far from your home.


A woman using a laptop sets up her Indeed preferences


8. Upload Your Resume 

While you're at it, upload your resume to Indeed, too. Otherwise, you'll have to find it on your computer and submit it to each job posting individually, which takes a lot more time. When you upload your resume to your profile, you save the time and trouble of manually submitting it every time you want to apply to a job. And the faster you can apply, the better your odds of getting a response to your application!


Someone uploads their resume to Indeed


9. Use the "Easy Apply" Button

Certain job listings on Indeed has a little button next to it that is called "easy apply." The button only appears if you're logged in to your registered account with Indeed and if you already have your resume uploaded. But once you have those two things in place, you can use the easy apply button to apply to a job with one click. This lets you be one of the first ones to apply for the job.


Beware, though: Double-check that the job posting doesn't specify that you apply to someone via email or a company portal instead. If you use the easy-apply button instead of submitting your application through an otherwise explicitly stated means in the job posting, you might not get an interview. Why? Because it shows the hiring manager that you can't follow instructions.


A man in a suit gives a thumbs up


10. Include a Cover Letter

Some employers make submitting a cover letter mandatory; others leave it up to you. Always include a cover letter, whether the employer asks for it or not. First, the cover letter allows you to use more keywords in your application, which will help your application get noticed. Second, the cover letter gives you the chance to personalize your application and add things that aren't necessarily in your resume.


Be sure to personalize your cover letter so it relates directly to the employer you're addressing. When possible, use the hiring manager's name in the greeting. And finally, always include your email and telephone number to maximize your job response when using Indeed.


A flow chart discussing how to writer a CV


Disclaimers: Views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and may not represent the best choice for your unique situation.