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Top 10 Hot Girls Of The Internet

Is It Getting Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

A girl in a bikini peaking over her shoulder.


From actresses and models to social media influencers and webcam models, there's a heaping amount of hot girls on the world-wide web. From 40k Instagram followers to 3 million, these online hotties have made a name for themselves across the board. We've compiled a list of the top 10 hottest girls of the Internet to spice up your browser!


10. Yovanna Ventura | @yoventura

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Starting off our countdown is the rumored ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, Yovanna Ventura. With 5.5 million followers on Instagram, Ventura uses her large following to share her workout plans, diet charts, and of course, to show off the body she works hard for. 


With each of her posts receiving thousands of likes a comments, there's no doubt that Ventura is one of the top female insta-hotties of the Internet. The model, actress, and social influencer is only 22-years-old and is currently signed with Wilhelmina Models. In an interview with Highsnobiety, it's evident that Ventura has the dos and don'ts of Instagram nailed down to a tee:


"For the dos: always play around with filters; make sure you have the perfect lighting for selfies; and always try to incorporate an animal into the picture if possible. As for the don'ts: just try not to look uncomfortable," said Ventura.


9. Irina Shayk | @irinashayk

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Next on our list is Irina Shayk, a famous Russian model and actress. When she became the first Russian to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine, she quickly gained a large following across her social media platforms. With a current following of 12 million on Instagram, Shayk has made a name for herself in the modeling world.


Shayk is currently married to actor Bradley Cooper, and the two lovebirds have a daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, who is 2 years old. In an interview with W Magazine, Shayk shared her thoughts on how becoming a mom has changed her life:


"I always say that being a mom is one of the greatest things in the world. I don't think it's changed my life. It did change in a way to make me better. Family is the most important thing in the world," said Shayk.


8. Aïssata Diallo | @aissatatdiallo

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For model Aïssata Diallo, modeling was never her plan. In fact, at the age of 19, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology degree. But when she tested photos with a photographer that went viral on Tumblr, the rest was history. 


As of an interview in 2018 that she did with Filthy Lucre, Diallo is actively pursuing her Masters of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration. Ultimately, Diallo dreams of giving back and opening a health center in Guinea. In that same interview, Diallo shared how being in the social space has changed her career:


"For one, it opened many doors for me. I was able to network and connect with people, create content, and get paid. Furthermore, I've been able to inspire and motivate many individuals. It's been great!" said Diallo.


7. Rocky Barnes | @rocky_barnes

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A post shared by R O C K Y (@rocky_barnes) on


If you've seen Justin Bieber's iconic music video for his 2013 hit "Baby," you've probably seen Rocky Barnes. In fact, Barnes got her big break from the video, sky-rocketing her modeling career when she caught the eye of various companies. With 1.6 million followers on Instagram and thousands of likes and comments per post, there's no question that Barnes has quite the fan base. But Barnes' talents and interests go far beyond just posting for a camera. In fact, Barnes is all about following her love for fashion.


She currently runs her own label and website, Rocky Barnes Blog. Barnes is also a brand ambassador for companies like AmEx and MAC, while she mainly belongs to her mother agency, No Ties Management. Barnes is more than grateful for her following on Instagram, and she's not afraid to make it known. In an interview with LEFAIR Magazine, she shares what her followers mean to her:


"As much as I help people travel, my followers help me more. I have followers from all over the world who have inspired me," said Barnes.


6. Ashika Pratt | @ashika_pratt

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A post shared by ASHIKA (@ashika_pratt) on


At a young age of 15, Ashika Pratt was discovered by a beauty pageant scout while walking down the street to start in her first gig, a commercial for a clothing retailer called Glassons. From there, her modeling journey skyrocketed into the successful career that she has today. Born in New Zealand, the 29-year-old fashion model has been represented by large-named agencies such as Nova Models and Anima Creative Management. Pratt has appeared on the cover of Vogue India 3 times and has worked with brands such as Chanel, Loreal, Calvin Klein, and more. 


In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Pratt shared her experience and opinion on her career as a model:


"Although I love being a model, it is definitely not as easy job. People don't fully understand the amount of time and energy that is spend on working out and eating healthy. I also travel 2-3 times a week, living away from my home and family and missing out holidays and functions. Of course, the good out weighs the bad, and I love that my job allows me to do something different every day," said Pratt.


5. Mia Khalifa | @miakhalifa

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Webcam model, social media influencer, and former adult star Mia Khalifa is definitely a well-known face in the Internet world. The 26-year-old Lebanese-American has a whopping 15.7 million followers on Instagram, where she posts shots from her everyday life. In July of 2016, Khalifa was dubbed one of the world's most notorious adult stars by Loaded, a men's lifestyle magazine. Currently, she's posting vlogs and Twitch stream recaps on her Youtube channel, which has over 700 thousand subscribers. 


In an interviewer she did with Daily Chiefers, Khalifa discussed what it's like balancing her normal life with her Internet one:


"I don't advertise my career in the civilian world. When I get recognized I will engage the fan, never make them feel uncomfortable; but my life is highly boring! I spend all day watching SportsCenter and defending the Noles online," said Khalifa. 


4. Ashley Schultz | @ashxschultz

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A singer, songwriter, dancer, and model, influencer Ashley Schultz does it all. At nearly 500k Instagram followers, Schultz uses the platform to post selfies, studio time, and more. 


For Schultz, things took off for her career after she moved to Hollywood, California, to get a name for herself in the music industry. Later, she found herself as one third of the girl pop group Syd Youth. The group unfortunately fell off later on and ended up resulting in a break up in 2015. But with thousands of likes and comments on each post, Schultz's engagement on Instagram doesn't seem to be depleting anytime soon.


3. Sofia Jamora | @sofiajamora

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With 2.6 million followers on Instagram, model Sofia Jamora has made her mark in the influencer community. Jamora's modeling and social media career took off when she became the face of Lolli Valfre, an online boutique, causing her to experience a great surge of followers.


Jamora was originally discovered by Mimi Aiello, co-owner of Frankie's Bikinis, at a trunk show. She asked Jamora if she had any desire to model. From there, she shot with the brand and the opportunities came rolling in. Since then, she's made an appearance in publications such as Sports Illustrated, and she was even featured in Zayn Malik's music video for his song "Let Me." 


In an interview with Frankies Bikinis, Jamora shared her secret to the perfect post on her highly-followed Instagram account:


"The perfect post should be something you're confident about sharing with the world. Whether it's a picture of you, or food or family and friends, insta is a social media platform that people from all over the world are viewing so I say post with confidence and if I am posting a selfie it's all about lighting, location, and outfit!" said Jamora.


2. Jasmine Tookes | @jastookes

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Jasime Tookes is a well-known model with over 3.5 million followers on Instagram. There's a reason for the fame, of course. 


Starting out as a commercial model for campaigns with companies such as Ugg, The GAP, and DKNY, things really skyrocketed for Tookes when she was given her wings as a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2015. The 28-year-old has a mother in the fashion industry as well, working as a stylist for 18 years. Her career in modeling began after she was told that she'd be a great model at one of her mother's shoots. Taking the advice, Tookes and her mothers began meeting with agencies, and the rest is history.


In an interview with Vogue, Tookes shares her most memorable moment in her modeling career. For Tookes, her most memorable modeling moment was, "Getting a call for my very first job when I was fifteen. It was for an Abercrombie & Fitch shoot with Bruce Weber. I have always loved his photographs and was honored to work with him on my first job," said Tookes.


1. Sarah Scotford | @sarahscotford



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Just as her Instagram bio says, model, actress, and social media celebrity Sarah Scotford is "doing it all." 


From studying fashion design in college, dreaming of one day becoming a plastic surgeon, and even enrolling in circus school, Scotford's many talents and successes have landed her 42k followers on Instagram. Scotford is mainly known for one of her biggest accomplishments: starring in XXX: Return of Xander Cage as Margot Robbie's stunt double. In doing so, Scotford worked with some of the greatest photographers and makeup artists in the world, driving her to the film and television industry. Scotford has had a role in several other films and television series since then, such as Good Dog, Show Me Yours, and Against the Ropes


In an interview Modelgraphy, Scotford discussed how she started off her career in modeling:


"I started a few years back, when I moved from my small town to the big city. I needed a job and I'd been going to several interviews at few different companies, when some one said to me while at a coffee shop 'you should be in front of a camera, not behind a desk!' So off I went!"