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  9. 13 Handy Amazon Products That Fit In Your Purse (And Could Save Your Life)

13 Handy Amazon Products That Fit In Your Purse (And Could Save Your Life)

Pint-Sized Safety Products To Keep You Safe

Women are superheroes. We’ve all helped each other avoid a stained shirt emergency with a handy stain eraser or saved a friend’s hair day with a spare bobby pin found in the depths of our bag. But could there be an even bigger emergency upon the horizon that calls for more than an extra tampon or a squirt of hand sanitizer? Here’s a list of 13 helpful things that fit right in your purse and could potentially save your skin (we’re not talking moisturizer) if your luck goes bad.

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1. A Mini First Aid Kit

We all have a first aid kit collecting dust somewhere in our medicine cabinet in case of emergency, but what happens if we’re out and about and a situation demands a bandaid? This seems incredibly simple, but the items in this tiny first aid kit on Amazon could be the only thing standing between you and a nasty, infected cut.


2. A Versatile Swiss Army Knife

From bottle opener to pliers to shanks, this Swiss Army Knife has all of the essential tools you’d need in a survival situation. Plus, you’ll never get caught with a bottle of wine and no opener ever again.


3. Itsy-Bitsy Super Glue

You’ll often find that women might carry around eyelash glue, nail glue, or some other variation of beauty adhesive. This tiny bottle of extra-strength glue, however, has a more purposeful use than gluing the heel back on your stiletto. Super glue can help keep a small wound closed if you’re ever in a situation where you or someone else can’t receive medical attention (though we don’t recommend it unless absolutely necessary).


4. Water-Purifying Straw

Whether you’re hanging out in a country with questionable water quality or have just been victim to a natural disaster, this water-purifying straw has you covered. If you’re really brave, you can even pull this bad boy out and use it in place of a single-use plastic straw at a restaurant. This straw has the potential to save your life and the planet’s at the same time—an incredible investment for only $17.99.


5. A Conveniently Sized Compass

At only 48 millimeters in diameter, this tiny survival compass is perfect for an emergency and fits right in your purse. If you’re a hipster, you might even attach this little life saver to your keychain so everyone can admire how safety savvy and hip you are. That makes this compass a two-for-one: aesthetic keyfob and something to help lead you out of the woods.


6. A Lightweight Whistle

Other than being fun, vibrantly colored, and handy when you have to referee an impromptu soccer game, this whistle can be super important for keeping you safe. If you’re a lady in a sketchy part of town, this whistle might also be paramount to ensuring your safety when you’re walking to your car after work. The uses for this item outside of just safety are endless, and it’s sold in singular packages that fit right in your bag.


7. Wieldy Dental Floss

Dental floss is great for getting a clean bill of health from the dentist, but they’re also incredibly useful in survival situations for mending shirts, hanging clothes, or sewing wounds as a last resort.


8. A Super-Small Sewing Kit

A more feasible option for some of the potential uses for dental floss, this sewing kit is small, cute, and fits in your purse. Your friends will never have to worry about losing a button ever again with you around. Best of all, your grandma will be so excited to share a few sewing tips.


9. Bandana

These fashion accessories, often associated with a country theme, are useful for more than just fitting in at the county fair. They could save your skin as a sun blocker, double as a basket for collecting berries to eat, or keep dangerous smoke out of your nose and mouth. This bandana even includes diagrams with instructions about tying some essential knots that make it a perfectly stylish survival tool.


10. A Tiny Tent (Yes, one that fits in your purse!)

Shelter is one of those necessary things you heard you must have for survival as a child. Recall the days of your science teacher repeating to you, “Food, water, shelter. Food, water, shelter.” With this sweet tent that folds to fit into the palm of your hand (or purse), you can make sure you’ve got the “shelter” part all covered for you and a friend.


11. A Stylish Survival Bracelet

This handy bracelet, rated the #1 best seller for camping survival kits, comes with a knife that tucks right into the clasp for all of your camping or surviving needs. Reviewers love this for its practical use, which allows the wearer to cut something without stopping to grab a knife and to protect themselves for self-defense purposes. This bracelet is an awesome go-to accessory for that outdoorsy look while dually supporting you in case things start to go south.


12. Lighter

Lighters are cool to have if you’re out and about when someone asks you “for a light,” but they’re even cooler to have if you’re stuck somewhere and need to build a fire for the night to fight off hypothermia. Here’s Amazon’s Choice for a survival lighter that’s waterproof with a rechargeable battery, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of lighter fluid.


13. A Pocket-Sized Flashlight

Flashlights are the singular tool that everyone’s dad wanted to make sure they had in their cars when they first started driving. Flashlights are awesome for finding things you lost under your seat, checking out your engine, or signaling for help if you’re stuck somewhere. Here’s a homage to your dad’s advice that tucks nicely into the crevices of your purse.



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