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Top 10 Girl Names Beginning With G

Grand, Great, And Glorious Names That Start With G.

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While we all knew a Grace or a Gracie growing up, the letter G is steadily becoming less popular for expecting parents to choose as a starter for their baby girl's name. Since 2010, only seven names beginning with G have made it into the top 200 most popular newborn names for girls; G was only slightly more popular as a name-starter for boys that year, usually heading classics like George and Gabriel. But don't be fooled: names that start with G can carry a lot of weight!


Whether you're expecting a little person or even anticipating the arrival of a new four-legged fur baby, here's a list of unique, classic, or just genuinely great girl names that begin with G.

10. Grace

A cross Christmas ornament reads
From Greg Weaver on Unsplash. 


You guessed it—of course the classic name Grace made it on our list. A popular name thanks to its obvious biblical reference to divine grace, Grace has been amongst the top 100 most frequent girl names in the United States for the last century. Grace also happens to be prominently in demand for middle names as well, and we imagine that this classic name probably won't ever go out of style. Some renowned Graces include Grace Kelly, Grace Potter, and, in recent history, the extremely talented young singer Grace VanderWaal. 

9. Gloria

A Christmas nativity set overlooking a baby Jesus in his crib. An angel holds a banner reading
Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay. 


Gloria is another one of the most popular girl names in the last century with a beautiful meaning of grace and respect. In very recent history, "Gloria" is credited with being the celebration song of the St. Louis Blues hockey team as they journey to their first Stanley Cup playoff with this 1980's hit in tow.


If you're particularly passionate about music, artists like Van Morrison, the Lumineers, and even musical composer Vivaldi have covered songs titled "Gloria," making it an incredibly popular name for musicians to title their works, amongst other classic girl names featured in titles such as Annie, Delilah, and Eileen. Gloria's are definitely in good company! 

8. Gabriella

A statue of the angel Gabriel with a background of stained glass.
Image by photosforyou from Pixabay.


Unsurprisingly, the United States saw an increase in the popularity of Gabriella after the release of the Disney hit High School Musical in 2006. This name went from just above the top 100 to remaining consistently in the top 30 since. We're not saying the two are linked, but we aren't saying that they're not either. Gabriella follows our biblical trend, stemming from the masculine Gabriel with a Hebrew meaning of "God's bravest woman." A few particularly mentionable Gabriella's include Gabriella Wilde, a model and actor, as well as Gabriela Sabatini, a famous tennis player from the late 1980's to early 1990's.

7. Gianna

An Italian city sits on downward sloping earth near the waves of the ocean.
Image by Bela Balla from Pixabay.


Perhaps one of the most exotic names on this list, Gianna has crept its way up to the top 100 baby names since 2010 with a peak in 2011. Gianna, a name with Italian roots, is thought to be an abbreviated form of Giovanna meaning "God is merciful." Pronounced "JAHN-nah," this is basically every other name's cousin with ties to the American names "Jane" and "Joanna" as well as other feminizations of John


Those gifted with this name are thought to be the perfect socialites. Often considered friendly and charming, a Gianna is destined to do well in the public sphere, whether it be relationships with friends or co-workers and clients. 

6. Genesis

A bible sits open on a table with a Christmas-like background.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay. 


Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew Bible and story of creation, is intensely famous for signifying creation in more than just human life. A wide variety of industries, from luxury cars to musicians, have chosen this name to represent innovation and creative birth in their organizations. From a popularity standpoint, Genesis was never even recorded as "popular" until the 1980's. This beautiful name is still uniquely popular amongst celebrities, though, with only one well-known actress, Genesis Rodriguez from Days of Our Lives, bearing the name. 

5. Glenda

A daisy glistens in the sun.
By Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.


Not to be confused with Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz, Glenda is a name that reached peak popularity in the 1940's when over 3,000 baby girls were born with the name in the United States alone. With a meaning of "divine goodness," this name rings with a beloved vintage beauty, and women with this name are often considered wonderful teachers gifted with understanding and learning. This name associated with light and goodness is sure to fit a little girl that becomes the light of your life. 

4. Gwendolyn

A black lab puppy with a white bow.
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels


Gwendolyn, a name that has been consistently popular since the early 1900's, has only ever seen a dip in popularity during the 1980's in the last 100 years. Gwendolyn, often shortened as Gwen, is Welsh in origin and has meanings like "white," "fair," or "blessed bow." History has seen women named Gwendolyn or Gwen in powerful or spiritual positions like saints and queens. 


Girls named Gwendolyn tend to be incredibly thoughtful in nature. Sometimes this might result in a tendency to be introverted, but their quiet contemplation often allows for them to have a better understanding of the big picture. 

3. Georgia

A fair skinned girl with sandy brown hair smiles at a chicken she holds.
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels


Georgia is another musical name beloved by musicians like Ray Charles, Hanson, John Mayer, and Vance Joy. This charmingly sweet, old-fashioned name was incredibly popular from the 1900's to the 1950's and has recently picked some traction back up since 2010. Derived from the masculine George, Georgia comes from a Greek word meaning "farmer" or "one that works with the Earth."


Georgia is becoming increasingly popular, as it's reminiscent of times when life was slower and simpler than the crazy rapid world of today. Women bearing the name Georgia tend to have a hard work ethic, due to their namely roots in farming, and grow to become high achievers.

2. Gail

A crowd cheers at a concert with hands in the air.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Gail, another name that was extremely popular from the 1940's until the 1960's, usually comes as the nickname for a girl named Abigail. Gail is Celtic in descent with a biblical meaning. It can be interpreted as "the father's joy" or "joyful." The Bible depicts Abigail, the wife of David, as a servant or handmaid that maintained a better reputation than her husband.


Girls named Gail are thought to be adventurous and easygoing. Famously, many professionally athletic women bear the name Gail, such as the famous professional basketball player Gail Goodrich and Olympic track and field champion Gail Devers. 

1. Genevieve

Waves crash on a beach at sunset.
Photo by Kevin Menajang from Pexels


Genevieve, a name loaded with strength in meanings like "white wave" and "tribe woman," comes from French and Gaelic origin and has recently achieved its most popular ranking since the 1930's. Genevieve maintains a classic-yet-royal sound without being weighed down by the commonalities associated with other variations of Jen. In French tradition, Saint Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris that led a historical "prayer marathon" that is said to have saved the city from attackers. Beautiful, unique, and filled with historical power? Yes, please!


Women named Genevieve are thought to have a good head on their shoulders and a solid foundation under their feet. They work tirelessly to do things the right way and are a fantastic friend to have in your corner. 



Choosing a name when you're expecting can be a difficult task. But it becomes incredibly rewarding when your baby girl grows up to be everything you thought she would and more. Those with a first name beginning with G are known to be unusually intelligent and quick on their feet. With names like these, there's no doubt that your daughter is destined to be great!