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Incredibly Extra Halloween Costumes For You And Your Boo

After All, Two Is Better Than One.

It's official — it's spooky season. You've got one thing on your mind (besides pumpkin spice lattes, of course): making the most perfect, iconic, and unforgettable couples costume for you and your boo. However, not all of us are Martha Stewart-level crafty or even have the time to bust out the hot glue gun and impress our pals with a DIY costume. Check out these totally extra Halloween costumes that your friends and neighbors will never forget. 

1. What's scarier than Halloween? Cavities.

Candy, cookies, treats, oh my! There's nothing quite as scary as the post-holiday dental checkup. Turn something scary into something flirty with these outfits for a couple that recognizes how sexy dental hygiene can be.

Check out our next costume for a peek at something even sexier than dental hygiene! 🀩


2. Shower fantasies the PG way.

If you find out another couple already has the toothbrush and toothpaste costume reserved, here's a squeaky clean alternative. The Missus looks delectably fresh as a skimpy loofa, and no one will have to think twice about which tall, dark, and handsome man is her date when he's clad in a soap costume.


3. "You wash and I'll dry." πŸ’•

Domesticity? That's hot. Putting your whites and darks together in the same wash? That's terrifying. Keep you and your bae fresh and in check this spooky season.

A washer and dryer set are a package deal (just like you and boo). Check out this next duo that's no different.


4. It's called a trash can. Not a trash cannot.

If you and your partner are interested in some good clean fun, it doesn't get any better than this. You balance each other out, and nothing gets accomplished without the both of you. Who knew something trashy could be so romantic?

Trash isn't the look you're after? Try something a little more... electric.


5. They call it a "male" and "female" end for a reason, folks.

Feel those sparks fly! Whoever invented the electric cord and outlet probably didn't have this in mind, but it's just another happy accident from the universe.


6. And speaking of happy accidents...

You don't have to be an artist to appreciate this unforgettable couples costume. Imagine a perfect and spooky night with your boo dressed as every childhood artist's first love, Bob Ross, while you enjoy an evening as a portrait of the famous happy trees. And men, this is your shot at painting your perfect woman. No mistakes, only happy accidents.


7. Holy guacamole!

This costume is a super-cool way for new couples to make their entrance into the dating world. You're two halves of the same whole, and the two of you are the hottest new item in the super-food game. Bravocado!


8. Wine and Cheese

Un-brie-lievable! You "gouda" celebrate your shared taste for the finer things in life with this delightfully cheesy wine and cheese combo costume. Even though you might be okay separate, wine is always better with cheese.


9. PB & J

A Halloween classic that's almost as iconic as women arriving at parties as cats β€” the classic PB & J couple. I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. anaphylactic shock!


10. Pizza Slice and Beer Bottle

A match made in heaven! Most couples that met in college have some pretty fond memories of locking eyes at an after-party food table, and this costume really showcases your passion for the almighty beer and pizza combo. Cherish your sacred college days with bae in this costume that's sure to wow the crowd. Don't forget dessert!


11. America's Favorite Co(uple)okie

Celebrate the fact that life is better together as America's sweethearts (and favorite cookie).

Even though we all enjoy a good Oreo, there will always be a special place in our hearts for that one original cookie...


12. Imagine lookin' like a whole snack this Halloween together.πŸ‘

Classic, unforgettable, and delicious. You can't mess this one up. But what are the kids really looking for this holiday season? The candy.


13. Really embody that spooky holiday spirit!

If you're into being attached at the hip all night, this one's for you. Good luck going to the bathroom, though.


14. A love as (pre)historic as Fred and Wilma.

Love is a terrifying and spooky concept as old as time itself. Who better to tell the story than Fred and Wilma of The Flintstones?


15. A more accurate Fred and Wilma?

The TV show was fake news. No way would Fred and Wilma have spoken English, so here's a more prehistorically accurate version of our favorite ancient cartoon.


16. Barney & Betty + Fred & Wilma 5-Ever

If you're looking to make this Halloween a double date, ask your favorite couple on the block to join you and bae as the Flintstone's endearing neighbors. After all, love thy neighbor!


17. Just friends? Frenemies?

Maybe you're a new couple and you're not quite ready to cross into Barney and Betty boundaries just yet. Play it safe as some classic TV frenemies, and maybe you'll be able to bond over how sweaty you both are after wearing a mascot costume all night.


18. Welcome to the space jam!

Do you and your boo have a love out of this world? We've got you covered. Two love-struck astronauts β€” how poetic!


19. The most underrated Disney couple of all time.

Yes, we're throwing shade as you, Mickie and Minnie Mouse. Donald and Daisy Duck deserve some spotlight, too, and now's their chance! And speaking of childhood memories...


20. Toy Story Woody and NOT Jessie?

It's official: Woddy and Little Bo Peep are an item. And no, we aren't sure why it's not Woody and Jessie. Apparently, Disney missed out on an awesome opportunity to make a good old-fashioned Western love story between Jessie and Woody, but that's none of our business. πŸΈβ˜•


21. The perfect costume for putting him in the friendzone!

Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy were admittedly NOT dating... They were brother and sister. This costume is the perfect way to tell someone, "I think of you more as a brother!" Subtle, yet effective.


22. Checkmate.

Here's a fresh take on the classic king and queen card costume coming at you from your least-favorite, brain-numbing strategy game. Perhaps he's still your king or she's still your queen, but you're both just too edgy and intelligent to fall for the age-old card costume. Regardless, what we're all really wondering is... who are the pawns?


23. Did you find your missing piece?

If you and bae make the kind of couple that enjoy wearing matching t-shirts and coordinating your outfits, this is the Halloween costume for you. You and your boo complete each other, and now everyone else can witness it firsthand. Yes, the pieces insert, and yes, this costume comes with guaranteed attention (no matter how embarrassing).


24. When bae is the key to your heart 😍

You don't have to be a locksmith to figure this one out. A lock and key? So cheesy, but this age-old idiom will probably never die.


25. Yes, we know you liked converse before they were "cool" and "mainstream."

You and your boo are one of a kind. Original. Inimitable. Never seen before. And you both liked each other before it was cool to like each other, just like a couple of sneaker-wearing hipsters. Keep it real, and stay tuned for a little tour through the golden age of big hair and bright pants.


26. Big hair and Boom Boxes

Throw that boom box over your shoulder and throw it back to a time when making your boo a mix tape was the most romantic way to get their attention.


27. A USB Port and Stick

This one's for the nerds. The USB port and stick are two pieces of technology that are as classic and resilient as your undying love for your boo. πŸ˜‰


28. Perfect for the couple that knows all of the moves to "Thriller."

Did you and your spouse meet in the mosh pit at a Kiss concert? Here's a blast from the past to get you in the All Hallow's Eve spirit.

Our next stop on this journey through time: The 90's.


29. The 90's: A simpler and edgier time.

Edgier? Absolutely. Simpler? Maybe. Win Cassandra back with this gut-splitting costume honoring the funniest friends the 90's ever knew.


30. Shake it, baby.

There's no reason to be salty this holiday season when you and bae sport this deliciously classic costume. This duo is a staple at everyone's dinner table, and this gives you an awesome excuse for you and bae to stand on your host's coffee table mid-party.

Salt and pepper can't be the answer to all of your flavor problems, so don't forget the condiments...


31. Are you having dijon vu?

Relish in the feelings of your love this spooky Halloween season with these sauce-y suits. πŸ‘»πŸ’•

But, really, ketchup and mustard aren't great all alone. They belong together on baseball's favorite game-time snack.



You can insert an innuendo here with this pair of hot dog Halloween costumes.

There's only one other meal that might be just as famous for sporting the ketchup-mustard combo, and, no, we didn't forget it.


33. The classic burger and fries.

Classic and American. What more could you ask for? Let your freedom flag fly this Halloween as America's favorite dinner food: A burger and fries.


34. Bacon and Eggs

You don't have to be a morning person to appreciate this wacky costume. This bacon and eggs combo is probably the most iconic duo of the breakfast world, so here's your shot to live up to that expectation IRL with your own bae.


35. Caught in the headlights.

If you're looking for another wonderfully awkward situation, check out this costume that really highlights your girl's assets (if you know what we mean).

If this is still a little bit too PG for you, check out our next costume that really pushes the envelope.


36. Doo doo, doo doo doo.

If you've got kids, this one's for you. What better way to trick-or-treat than as the entire Baby Shark family?

And, finally, after a long night of toting the kids around the neighborhood, you deserve a little adult beverage...


37. Oktoberfest

Why should you only limit yourself to celebrating one holiday this October? Flaunt that German heritage, and BYOB all month long!



At the end of the day, two really is better than one, and your Halloween will definitely be twice as fun with one of these fantastic couples costumes. Creep it real!


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