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10 Example Cover Letters That Will Get You An Interview

You Can't Go Wrong With These Stellar Cover Letters

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When you apply for a job and they ask for a cover letter, what do you do? Do you quickly dash off a couple of lines that say, "Here's my resume, please contact me?" That's not the kind of cover letter that will get you an interview. What you need is something that will make the employer want to call you before another employer takes you off the market. What you need is one of the ten cover letter examples below. Take lessons from each example and apply them to your own cover letter so you can get the interview you deserve.


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1. Marketing Cover Letter

Marketing Cover Letter


This document is impressive for several reasons. For one, it's marketing oriented, and in the top right-hand corner the writer includes social media user IDs. This addition indicates that the writer is well aware of the importance and impact of including this information in a job application.


The other reason that this example is impressive? In the first paragraph, the writer indicates that they have done their research about the place where they are applying to. They talk about immersing themselves in the work that the company has already done. This bit lets the employer know that the writer has done their homework and isn't just using a generic cover letter to apply to lots of different jobs. The writer also goes into detail about what they're currently involved with, and what their future aspirations are. This shows dedication and ambition, two traits in a quality employee.



2. Project Manager Cover Letter

Project manager cover letter


What's great here is that the job candidate starts with a statement about their many years of experience. The candidate then expresses that their experience perfectly aligns with the advertised job. More importantly, the candidate has a bullet list that enables the employer to quickly scan the skills are listed, which are indeed a perfect match for the position that they're trying to fill. Finally, the candidate confirms that they have the educational background needed to successfully fulfill the job requirements and to support the future goals of the organization. These features all make this document a standout that would make any employer want to meet the candidate in person.



3. Customer Service Cover Letter

Customer service cover letter


If you're seeking a job in customer service, you know that your application is especially important. In this example, the candidate begins with a brief statement about his background qualifications in marketing. The candidate obviously understands that marketing is closely related to customer service and public relations. Next, the candidate confirms that he is not only applying for the job but that he is a current customer of the company where he's applying. This addition is a nice touch because it indicates that the candidate already knows a little bit about the company.


The next part emphasize the candidate's initiative and skills and how they would be valuable to the hiring company. In the third paragraph, the candidate talks about his previous role and touches briefly on a specific time when he needed to act in a public relations role. This part shows that the candidate has at least some of the experience that the employer is looking for. As such, the employer will likely go ahead and review the candidate's resume, which may lead to an interview.



4. Business Manager Cover Letter

Business manager cover letter


Getting an interview for a business manager position is almost impossible. Unless you have a really impressive cover letter to go along with your resume. This example may just do the trick. The first important feature is that it follows the business format. It starts out with a brief introduction of who the candidate is and why they're applying for the job. Next, there are four bullet points that highlight the candidate's business skills as related to the job. Note that this is not a duplicate of what is found on the candidate's resume; rather, it's a summary of all of their abilities. This part is surely enough to get the company interested enough to give this candidate a chance at an interview. Finally, the candidate finishes the letter by mentioning that they have an MBA degree, which may well be a prerequisite for the job they're applying for.



5. Senior Executive Cover Letter

Senior executive cover letter


This cover letter for a senior executive position starts out strong. In the first 12 words alone, the job candidate mentions that he already holds a senior executive position at their current company. He's already set in stone that he's qualified for this position. The second sentence puts forth undisputed evidence of his record of delivering on his promises, and the three bullet points in the middle of the letter go into statistical detail about his achievements. The second paragraph starts out with how many years of experience he brings to the table. This cover letter is so strong, anyone reading it would probably pick up the phone and get an interview booked without even bothering to read the last paragraph.



6. Bookkeeper Cover Letter

Bookkeeper cover letter


This is a fine example for a bookkeeper. It starts out with a reference to the job advertisement, which is helpful so the reader knows right away why they're receiving the letter. Word choice is important here, too. The next paragraph uses the word "analytical," is an appropriate word to use for a bookkeeping job. The candidate goes on to state that they are interested in supporting the operational success of the company. Again, this is quite relevant to the duties of a bookkeeper. The candidate then lists a few key skills that the employer will likely find valuable. Next, the letter mentions the candidate's current employer in a way that lets the reader know they are still working there. All in all, this is one cover letter that will surely lead to an interview.



7. Personal Assistant Cover Letter

Personal assistant cover letter


It's tough to get an interview for a personal assistant position, let alone get the actual job. This cover letter might just do the trick, though. The candidate reiterates what the job posting asked for. They then go on to emphasize that they can fulfill all job requirements by listing their qualifications. And it would be hard to argue with those qualifications. The writer then points out that they utilize their own unique skills—communication and interpersonal—to complete the rest of their duties as a personal assistant. Basically, this person is saying that only they can perform this job; the hiring manager won't find the right qualifications in any other candidate. These features all make for a pretty compelling document that would certainly lead to an interview.



8. Receptionist Cover Letter

Receptionist cover letter


It can be challenging for a receptionist to get their skillset across on paper. The job of a receptionist is to greet visitors in a pleasant manner, field telephone calls, and sometimes perform light administrative tasks in-between visitors and phone calls. As such, this document does a stellar job of expressing the candidate's receptionist abilities. The candidate begins by emphasizing their years of experience. Next, they mention "numerous achievements." This wording is just vague enough to incite curiosity from the HR manager. The sentence continues to say "in the course of my career," which means this person takes their job as a receptionist quite seriously; this isn't just a job, but a life path. The candidate goes on to list specific highlights of their achievements. This all says a lot about the level of detail and commitment that they give their job.



9. Janitor Cover Letter

Janitor Cover Letter


A janitor's application is another one that's tough to get right. After all, what's a janitor going to talk about, the number of messes they cleaned up? But as this example demonstrates, the job of a janitor is incredibly important. In fact, it is integral to the proper functioning of the business. Of all the cover letter examples on this list, this one is the most impressive because the candidate does everything right.


Let's break it down. The candidate expresses their admiration for the company to which they're applying. That's always a good idea, since it means that the application is intentional; the candidate is being choosy about where they apply to. This implies that they have a choice; that they are a quality candidate that any company would love to hire. Next, the candidate summarizes their years of experience and job skills they've gained during that time. Finally, the applicant emphasizes their awareness that safety is paramount, and goes into detail about how and why they're the best person for the job. This kind of cover letter would almost certainly garner an interview.



10. Waiter Cover Letter

Waiter cover letter


In recent years, the term "waiter" has come to encompass both waiters and waitresses. In the case of this cover letter, the candidate refers to the waiter position as a "food service worker." The introduction is simple but effective, explaining where they saw the advertisement and why they are applying. This candidate has never been a waiter, but they have been a waiter's assistant, so this job would be a step up. The candidate discusses their skills and experience, calling them "talents." This is a clever word choice, since it makes it seem like the skills are unique to the candidate. This letter then discusses current duties as a waiter's assistant, which presumably covers all the requirements in the job ad. This is another clever tactic, since the HR manager wouldn't be able disregard this candidate as being unqualified. To seal the positive impression, the applicant compliments the company as being a market leader. This example cover letter would certainly warrant an invitation for an interview.



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