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Top 10 Best Compact Treadmills

- June 2019

Results based on 650 Reviews

Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill Rebel Desk
Rebel Desk
Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill
View Product
Akonza 1100W Folding Electric Treadmill Fitness Power Motorized Jogging Walking Running Machine w/Cup Holder, Black Akonza
Akonza 1100W Folding Electric Treadmill Fitness Power Motorized Jogging Walking Running Machine w/Cup Holder, Black
View Product
Smart Digital Foldable Fitness Treadmill - Compact Slim Folding Electric Indoor Home Gym Exercise Running Machine with 50.0 x 18.0 belt, Automatic Speed Adjustment, Safety Key - SereneLife SLFTRD60 Sound Around
Sound Around
Smart Digital Foldable Fitness Treadmill - Compact Slim Folding Electric Indoor Home Gym Exercise Running Machine with 50.0" x 18.0" belt, Automatic Speed Adjustment, Safety Key - SereneLife SLFTRD60
View Product
XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black Spirit Fitness
Spirit Fitness
XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black
View Product
Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill Titan Fitness
Titan Fitness
Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill
View Product
Confidence Fitness TP-1 Electric Treadmill Folding Motorised Running Machine Pink Golf Outlets of America, Inc.
Golf Outlets of America, Inc.
Confidence Fitness TP-1 Electric Treadmill Folding Motorised Running Machine Pink
View Product
GOPLUS 2.25HP Electric Folding Treadmill with Incline, Walking Running Jogging Fitness Machine with Blue Backlit LCD Display for Home & Gym Cardio Fitness (Black Jaguar Ⅲ) Superbuy
GOPLUS 2.25HP Electric Folding Treadmill with Incline, Walking Running Jogging Fitness Machine with Blue Backlit LCD Display for Home & Gym Cardio Fitness (Black Jaguar Ⅲ)
View Product
GOPLUS 1.5HP Electric Folding Treadmill Portable Motorized Running Machine Home Gym Cardio Fitness w/App (Black) Superbuy
GOPLUS 1.5HP Electric Folding Treadmill Portable Motorized Running Machine Home Gym Cardio Fitness w/App (Black)
View Product
SereneLife Folding Digital Portable Electric Treadmill - Large Running Surface - Compact Slim Fitness Training Cardio Equipment for Home Workouts, walking Exercise - Minimal Profile Running Machine Sound Around
Sound Around
SereneLife Folding Digital Portable Electric Treadmill - Large Running Surface - Compact Slim Fitness Training Cardio Equipment for Home Workouts, walking Exercise - Minimal Profile Running Machine
View Product
Sunny Health & Fitness Easy Assembly Motorized Walking Treadmill, White Sunny Distributor Inc.
Sunny Distributor Inc.
Sunny Health & Fitness Easy Assembly Motorized Walking Treadmill, White
View Product

About Top 10 Best Compact Treadmills

Best Compact Treadmill Reviews

Need to exercise but have a small space? Want to go to the gym, but are stopped by poor weather? A small, compact treadmill might be the exercise machine for you!


We at Top10.today have an in-depth guide below that will show you how to buy the best compact treadmill for your own needs and purposes. However, if you'd like to see a few product reviews at a glance, we have that, too!

The following three products all receive solid 9.0 ratings from us. Each features some standard items, like a safety key that will automatically shut everything off should the user fall off the running belt. Prices listed for these products are for self-assembly options; those who want an expert to assemble their unit will have to pay an extra $102.21.

Smart Digital Foldable Fitness Treadmill from SereneLife

Folded black treadmill lays on the ground


This folding treadmill goes for $557.99 on Amazon. Even with the included free shipping, it is still the highest price item on this product review list.


This machine is roughly 50 inches long and 18 inches wide, and can support up to 265 pounds of weight, fairly standard for the industry. Joggers can adjust their speed anywhere from 0.8 to 5 miles per hour, which is slightly lower than the average 6 mph jogging speed. There's a front rail where exercisers can place their hands for added support. The control center is on the floor panel of this machine, which makes it stand out, as most include this panel at the railing level. The control panel features a digital LCD display, and there is also a remote control to adjust the speed, as well as turn the unit on or off.


Akonza Folding Electric Treadmill

A small black treadmill with curved handrails


This unit goes for $229.97 on Amazon; with free shipping included, it is easily the best priced item on our top 3 list. This can make it a great entry-level treadmill for those just getting started in on a new exercise routine.


This little machine has a lot to offer! The motor is low noise, so joggers won't be as likely to disturb their neighbors in an apartment complex. This compact treadmill also has a slightly wider speed range than the SereneLife unit, with options ranging from 0.5 to 6 mph. However, its weight capacity is a little lower, capable of withstanding 225 lbs, and it's also a bit wider, with a length and width of 49.25" by 24."


Some great features on this product include 12 pre-set training plans, as well as 2 cup holders on either side of the control panel.


Miageek Fitness Treadmill, Folding with Smartphone APP Control

A man runs on an electric treadmill with Apple and Android logos


This folding exercise machine costs $479.99 on Amazon with a $20 shipping charge. There is, however, a 5%-off coupon available, also through Amazon. This machine also comes with a 1-year warranty.


This low-noise machine has the best speed range on our top 3 list, with joggers being able to go anywhere from 0.8 to 12 km/h (roughly 0.5 to 7.5 mph). The weight capacity is a standard 256 lbs.


This machine has a lot of features that set it apart from its competitors. Firstly, this small treadmill comes in four color options, so you can easily find one to match the aesthetic of your apartment. It also comes with a heart monitor, cup holders, 12 pre-set workout plans, as well as a 3-level manual incline. What's really great about this product is its app-control smart system, being Bluetooth, Android, and IOS compatible.


However, this unit won’t save much space, as it features a roughly 47 by nearly16 inch tread belt (W x L), and the board itself extends to almost 22 inches.


Bonus: Standard-sized Foldable Treadmill Product Reviews

Those who want to still save space but would like a full-size piece of equipment to perform more high-intensity workouts might want to consider full-sized foldable options. The following 3 products are quite popular at the moment, so let’s take a look to see what each has to offer:

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

A standard-sized folding treadmill


This item sells on Amazon for $394.95 without expert assembly. Being a larger piece of equipment, the Cadence has a higher weight capacity of 275 pounds, and a longer tread belt of 64.5 inches. The whole unit weighs a little over 130 pounds.


The longer tread belt is great for those with a longer stride. Even better, the company promises cushioning for added comfort through its "comfort cell cushioning" design. As such, runners may enjoy the Cadence. What’s also nice here is that there are two incline levels, although these are manual (meaning you would have to adjust these before starting up the treadmill). There are also six different pre-programmed workouts included, which can be accessed using the unit’s central LCD console.


Overall, we give this product an 8.1 rating.


Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

A woman runs along a folding gray treadmill with orange highlights


This model goes for $279.00 on Amazon for the standard gray-colored, self-assembly option, and $329.99 for the pink-colored one.


This product might just be the solution for those looking for an easy-to-store device that’s also packed with technological features. Its LCD screen is easy to read and lets users easily adjust their speed. Those who don’t want to design their own workout can rest easy and choose one of nine pre-set programs.


This unit has a nice speed range, starting at 0.5 mph and reaching up to 9 mph. This device’s tread belt is relatively small at nearly 50 by 16 in. (L x W). Unfortunately, the maximum weight is a bit low, set at only 220 lbs.


Overall, we give this product an 8.5 rating.


LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

A woman runs along a large folding treadmill


This item costs a hefty $999.00. Fortunately, there is no added cost on Amazon for the expert-assembly option. There is also a lifetime warranty, although his only extends to the motor and frame.


This product is designed for high-intensity use: it features a larger running belt, 2.5 horsepower motor, a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, 15 different incline levels, and 21 pre-set workout programs.


Overall, we give this product an 8.5 rating.


Best Compact Treadmills Buying Guide: How to Buy a Compact Treadmill

Wellness today is a central part of many people's lifestyles. Lifestyle changes and the emergence of fast foods often necessitates the need for exercise to maintain good health. Running, jogging, and walking are among the most popular exercise practices. However, it is sometimes hard to exercise on a daily basis due to the many challenges. Some challenges include lousy weather and the distance between the gym and people's homes.


These reasons are why many people prefer to exercise in the comfort of their homes. However, given the small nature of most apartments and condos, it is not possible to have large, bulky pieces of exercise equipment laying around. Compact treadmills can therefore come in handy to help fitness enthusiasts work out regularly.


See also:


What Are the Benefits of a Compact Treadmill?

There's a lot of benefits to these incredible machines, some more obvious than others. Some great reasons to switch to a compact treadmill include:

It's Portable, Foldable, and Simple

Space is the most significant factor that can motivate someone to buy a compact treadmill. A small space or corner is all that is needed to have one of these machines. As such, no one needs to waste a lot of time and resources dedicating a large section of a room for a treadmill. This space-saving attribute can also help people save additional costs, as there is no need to rent a bigger house.


The small size also makes the compact treadmill portable, so it can be easily situated and re-situated within a living space. Many are also foldable and come with wheels, making the act of moving these bad boys around even easier! These traits make these machines great options for people who move around a lot.

Joggers Can Monitor Their Heart Rate

Many compact treadmills come with heart-rate monitors, allowing individuals with heart issues to track their heart rate while exercising. This element is vital in promoting cardiovascular health. Low- to moderate-intensity activities on these machines can help promote heart health through increasing blood circulation and lowering the blood pressure.

It Burns Calories

Research findings show that some people can burn up to a few hundred calories an hour doing low-impact activities.

What Are the Different Types of Compact Treadmills?

Just as with anything else, there's several varieties of these exercise machines on the market today. Let's break down what types of compact treadmills are out there, so you can better decide which variety is best for you!

A silhouette of a woman runs on a treadmill
The best home treadmill for an apartment, small home, or otherwise limited workout space might just be a compact model.

Manual Treadmills versus Electric Treadmills

All About the Manual Treadmill

Money should not become a hindrance to attaining your fitness goal; manual treadmills are an inexpensive option for fitness enthusiasts on a low budget. Most people run for the motorized treadmill while overlooking the benefits that the manual treadmill brings to the table.


Importantly, these little machines are safe when used properly. Safety is an important aspect that we all need to watch out for while in the house. The good thing with a manual treadmill is that you don’t need to worry about safety quite as much as you would with an electric model. When you have pets around or small children, you can rest assured they are safe. When you stop the treadmill, it immediately does as well, and thus you will not experience incidences of slip and fall as those in motorized treadmills. (Although low-quality ones might not have good tread, which could result in slippage.)


These machines are also a little smaller than their motorized counterparts. Space is what many do not have in these hard economic times. A manual treadmill is more compact than a motorized one regarding size. There are usually no other extra features added to the manual treadmill like an over-engineered frame that can increase the size. It is thus easy to store on a limited space.


Those wanting to build strong leg muscles can do so easily with these guys! One needs to put forth a lot of energy using these pieces of equipment, as the body is solely powering it. They are therefore useful in developing strong leg muscles.


Perhaps the ability to save electricity is the biggest draw for these types of treadmill. Because these machines are powered manually, there is no need to incur additional costs in paying for electricity bills. After the initial purchase, that's it—no more bills to use this item! These are also great options because they can still be used in case of power outage.



There are, however, a few drawbacks to consider when using a manual machine. First and foremost, for the individuals with low body weight and muscles, it becomes hard to power the machine. Powering this device for some people can bring about joint issues. For the individuals who may have conditions such as knee or hip arthritis, this variety might not be the best option.


Secondly, the construction of the treadmill limits its use. A manual treadmill is only used for low-impact activities, as the short belt does not also allow for longer strides. Furthermore, many units have poor construction, so harder steps can damage them, and they generally have a low weight capacity. Poorer construction may also mean the equipment makes noises or even cause slippage.

Someone clutches their knee, highlighted in red
It's important to find an exercise machine and workout routine that suits your own health needs; this way, you'll be less likely to become injured.
All About the Motorized Electric Treadmill

Motorized or electric treadmills are quite popular, and for good reason! There's plenty of benefits to be had with these units.


Perhaps the most obvious differences between this type and its manual counterpart are the benefits that electricity provides to users. The motor powers the machine, so there is no need to strain in order to start the equipment. The motor itself sets it in motion, which can be helpful for joints when walking and running.


Furthermore, the electric treadmill has many technological features. There are various applications and workout programs that users can enjoy, like pre-set workout routines. These programs can make working out exciting and fun by providing multiple options to realize fitness goals. Additionally, the motor-powered treadmill enhances the pace of work out due to less train. It's often possible to adjust inclination during the workout!


Plus, a motorized electric treadmill will also usually have a longer belt, which allows people to take longer strides.



Just like the manual option, this variety also has its own share of drawbacks. Firstly, apart from the high cost you incur in purchasing an electric treadmill, you also incur electricity bills. In case of a power outage, you will also not be able to work out.


Safety might also be a concern if there is no safety key included. A safety key typically clips onto the jogger on one end and plugs into the machine at the other. If the jogger falls off the machine, the key will rip out of the treadmill, which will shut it down. Machines missing this key, or those who don't use the key, are at a greater risk for injury. Also, because pets and children can sometimes cause mischief, it is important toto switch the treadmill off and disconnect it when it is not in use. This way, they will be protected from accidentally starting the machine and hurting themselves on the moving belt.


Folding versus Unfolding Compact Treadmills

After deciding if a manual or electric compact treadmill is right for you, it will be time to look at another crucial factor: whether or not the treadmill can fold.

All About the Foldable Treadmill

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the folding treadmill is how easy it is to move and store. Compact treadmills are especially easy to pack away for storage purposes. Moreover, if you are relocating or moving from place to place, it becomes more comfortable to carry when folded into a smaller size. The lightness of these smaller machines also makes them easier to move around. Most varieties also have wheels. Transport wheels are instrumental when helping one move the foldable treadmill around.



Drawbacks to the folding compact treadmill include the fewer features it offers in comparison to a standard, non-folding option. Simply put, due to the reduction the size and weight of this treadmill, many manufacturers have eliminated some features. For example, belt length is usually shorter, which can prevent some users from making the optimal use of the machine.


The fact that this machine will need to be constantly folded and unfolded can also become strenuous for some, and downright annoying for many. Sometimes, they will also be a bit less sturdy than their stationary counterparts. (Tip: To maximize folding treadmill lifespan, opt for lower intensity exercise.)

All About the Stationary Treadmill

A sturdy, traditional non-folding treadmill offers several benefits to users. Perhaps the best benefit to using these machines is that they are convenient; the unfolding choice provides the user with the comfort of using an already installed treadmill. You do not, therefore, need to inconvenience yourself folding/unfolding or moving the treadmill from place to place.


Features also abound in this variety. Unlike the folding treadmill, which sacrifices features to create the folding property, the unfolding one does not. The stationary treadmill provides quality features, as there is no need to make reductions for the ability to fold. For example, the belt length is long enough to allow one to take longer strides.



The downsides to using this variety include, obviously, the lack of portability. The fact that you cannot fold the treadmill makes it hard to transport from one place to another. Its other physical characteristics do not make it possible to move the machine conveniently. While wheels are present on some, it is still harder to move these units than their folding counterparts. Additionally, since the non-folding treadmill has more features, it is oftentimes heavier. You will have to seek for a transport system that can safely move the treadmill as a whole; this process can be time-consuming and costly.


The large size and non-folding nature of this machine also poses a challenge to the users who live in small apartments. It occupies space on a permanent basis, which takes up a lot of space.


Other Things to Look for When Buying a Compact Treadmill

All right—you've learned all about the different types of compact treadmills. Now let's take a look at some other considerations to keep in mind when shopping for that perfect piece of exercise equipment.

Technological Features and Ease of Use

Find out the number of features the device has that can help you. You can look for treadmills that have features like pre-set programs, heart monitors, and digital displays. The controls should be practical and easy to implement. Usually, tech-forward treadmill just has a front-facing console, where you can choose things like the speed or incline of the treadmill.


Heart rate monitoring is an especially great feature to keep in mind when looking for compact treadmills. Those who have concern about their cardiovascular health can find this tool to be valuable, so they won’t overdo it as they exercise. However, it’s still just a handy tool for anyone to have so they can make sure they are not over-exerting themselves.


Note that sometimes it is also possible to find even a manual treadmill with added tech features. This will oftentimes come in the form of an inbuilt, battery-powered detail. This feature allows you to track your distance, the calories you burn, and the time you work out. However, you will not have access to other built-in workout programs and applications when using the manual treadmill.

Stride Length

The size and weight of the treadmill will affect the quality of other aspects, including the stride length. Folding treadmills tend to have shorter belts than the unfolding and electric alternatives. In case you have longer strides, find a treadmill that will meet your needs, as you may not find these smaller machines to be comfortable for running (and some are not designed to withstand the impact, anyway). A compact treadmill for running is harder to find, will usually be bulkier, and more expensive. However, don’t opt for a cheaper model with poor construction to cut costs; have a sturdy piece of equipment is necessary to reduce hazard risks.


The main focus when buying a treadmill is to look for one that will serve your needs. Find out if the programs, applications, and all other features can perform optimally to maximize your time and money. It's also critical to find out how much weight that the machine accommodates; remember, these machines often have a lower maximum weight capacity than standard-sized treadmills.

Motor Strength

The horsepower has a significant, direct impact on the overall functionality of the treadmill. Find the treadmill with enough power to sufficiently sustain your exercise requirements. Regular users should look for bigger horsepower that will last longer and sustain their weight.

Check the Price

It’s also quite important to establish a price range when you review fitness equipment. The price of compact treadmills varies widely, with some only being around one or two hundred dollars. A fancier model might cost you several hundred dollars. The choice is yours to make, but putting a spending limit can help you find something to fit within a budget.

Speed and Workout Intensity

Even the best compact treadmill has its limits. Be honest with yourself when you are looking at your options. Will you primarily be walking, jogging, or running? Compact treadmills usually have a motor maximum speed of 10 mph, although sometimes it can be even less than that. Furthermore, they often have a maximum user weight of 220 pounds to 260 pounds. As such, these devices are more suited to walkers and joggers looking for a casual workout.


If you want to engage in high-intensity workouts to maximize weight loss, standard-sized treadmills are a great option, as they are designed to withstand more. Larger models also usually come with better compression shock absorbers, meaning they are better at cushioning your step to reduce joint strain.

Read a Review

Always do your research! Check out some compact treadmill reviews on Amazon or another online retailer to see what other fitness enthusiasts have to say. Taking the time to do this simple step can really help you find the best treadmills.

Final Thoughts

An apple and measuring tape lay on a weight scaleA treadmill for home use can help a lot of people meet their wellness goals.


Research reveals that over 25 million U.S. citizens exercised their homes in recent years. As such, finding the perfect piece of exercise equipment is critical to ensure that you stay in optimal health.


Small compact treadmills are a great alternative to the bulky machines you might find at the gym down the street. These units are lightweight, portable, and can still help you achieve fitness results. Armed with this new knowledge, you'll be better able to find something that is perfectly suited to your needs!

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