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10 Rad Boy Names That Start With R

Give Your Son A Confident, Strong Name

A red capital letter R against a black background

The name that you give your son is important. After all, it's the title he'll go by his entire life. As a parent, you want to ensure that your son's name will do his personality justice. There are thousands of possible names for your baby boy, but names that begin with the letter R are on the rise. For example, there were 82,629 boys born in 2017 who were given names that began with R. That is roughly 4.50% of the total amount of baby boys born that year.* There are history and strength in these names, sure to inspire your own son to live his best life. Here are some of the top baby boy names that start with an R to give you some idea of what to name your new child.



A young boy wears a paper crown
Ryan means "little king."

Ryan was the 43rd most popular baby name for males in 2017, and it's easy to see why. It's a simple yet classic name that carries dignity. The given name of Ryan is English and has its origins in the country of Ireland. It began as an Irish surname until it gained enough popularity that people began to use it as a given name. Although its true meaning is still obscure, many popular literary sources claim that the name Ryan means "little king" or "illustrious." Similar names that you might also like are Rayan, Raylan, and Rylan.


A lighthouse brights up a starry night
Robert means "bright."


The given name of Robert can trace its origins back to Hruodperht, an Old High German word. This is a compound word, so the meaning becomes clear when you break it apart. Hruod means "fame" in Old High German, and perht means "bright." It was first introduced to Scotland and England back in the 11th century. Robert I—the Duke of Normandy—and three Scottish kings all took the name of Robert as this title made its way around Western Europe. As such, this prominent name holds a regal air to it.


Common nicknames include Rob, Bob, Robby, and Bobby. Roberto is a common Spanish variation of the name, with Roberta being the female equivalent.



A pantheon of Roman statues outside a stone building
Roman literally refers to someone of the Roman Empire or associated with Roman culture.


The given name of Roman is Latin in origin. Roman translates to Romanus, meaning "a Roman" or "someone of Rome." The term Roman literally refers to someone from the Roman Empire or a person of the Roman culture. At its height, the Roman Empire was the largest empire in the world, and remains one of the largest empires in human history.


Silhouette images of two cowboys riding horses at sunset
Ryder means "to ride."


The given name of Ryder is Anglo-Saxon in its origins. It began as a surname that was derived from the Old English word rīdere, which itself is derived from the Old English word ridan. This name translates as "to ride." It is also a surname that denoted those who were a mounted warrior or were a messenger that delivered messages by horseback. Some speculate that, in 1066, the Norman Conquest of England likely caused the Ridan or Ryder surnames to be changed to Knight. 


A shot of a business man's arms resting on a table while he holds coffee
Ryker can translate to "rich."


The given name of Ryker is believed to be derived from Riker, a popular German surname. It is speculated that the surname of Riker was created as a connection to the German word rike, which means "rich." Alternatively, many people believe that the given name of Ryker was a creation of families living in the United States; these families wanted to capitalize on a growing trend of male baby names that began with the Ry- prefix. When discussing this name in the United States, it can denote someone who is a strong leader.


Red berries and green leaves of the Rowan tree.
Rowan is a type of tree.


The given name of Rowan is unisex, with many parents assigning this title to both male and female babies. Rowan is Gaelic in origin, emerging from the lands now known as Ireland and Scotland. In both Ireland and Scotland, Rowan is used as a given name and as a surname. In Gaelic, Rowan is pronounced Ruadhán, meaning "little red-haired one." (Rowan is the Anglicized version of Ruadhán.) Other forms of Rowan include Roan and Ruadh. The ancient Celtic druids held the rowan tree sacred above all other trees. They believed that it held power over death, so they would bury their dead with rowan wood to help protect their departed loved ones from evil spirits.


Man in a red fluffy cape and crown has his back turned from the camera
Richard can mean "brave king."


The name Richard can be both a given name and a surname. Richard has Germanic, English, and French origins. Richard is a compound name, the result of combining the words ric (or rik), meaning "power, king, or ruler" and hard, meaning "hardy, strong, brave." The full meaning of the name Richard is therefore "brave king or ruler." Notable people with this title include King Richard the Lionheart of England.



A silhouette image of a father giving advice to his son at sunset
Rhett can mean "advice."


The name Rhett can be traced back to the Dutch surname de Raedt. This surname is derived from a Middle Dutch word raet, which means "counsel or advice."



A gentle river cuts through green pastures and hills


The name River is directly derived from the Latin word ripa, which means "riverbank". River is a unisex name, with parents opting to give this title to both their sons and daughters. Boys are twice as likely as girls are to be named River, but the number of girls with this given name is steadily growing in current years. Notable people with this title include River Phoenix.



A black and white partial shot of a Remington machine
Remington Rand is a manufacturer that originally made typewriters.


The name Remington is Anglo-Saxon in origin, derived from a surname that was popular in a specific region of England. The surname is believed to have originated in a small town, Rimington, which is now called West Yorkshire in England. Rimington is a compound name, created by combining the Old English words riming and tūn. Riming means "boundary stream" and tūn means settlement, so the full meaning of the name Remington can translate to "settlement by a boundary stream."


*Note: Statistics on the popularity of these names/number of babies given these names are based on available data on U.S. births, as reported by the official Social Security website.