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10 Epic Boy Names Starting With E

Names That Represent Character And Strength

Multicolored outline of the letter E


In 2017, 110,445 male children whose name begin with E were born in the United States.* This constituted 6.02 percent of boys born that year! Clearly, people are drawn to these names. But just what make names starting with E so appealing for parents?


Many popular boy names starting with this letter hold deep, powerful meanings. Whether rooted in a rich religious and cultural history or symbolic of solid virtues, names starting E can provide any son with a title of which he can be proud.



1. Elijah

A baby boy crawling on the ground smiles


Elijah is a Hebrew name that means "my God is YAHWEH." Elijah also has one of the most epic biblical backstories among all the boy names! Elijah is one of the prophets in the Bible known for confronting King Ahab and Queen Jezebel over their idolatry of the god Ba'al. At his life's end, instead of undergoing a normal human death, he goes straight to heaven in a chariot of fire.


The name has been gaining in popularity in the past ten years and is among the top 50 names in the United States. About 13,268 children who were born in 2017 were named Elijah, for example.


2. Ethan

A boy sits on a deck with his teddy bear


Ethan means "firm" and "strong." The name appears approximately eight times in the Bible, and it is Hebrew in origin. In the Bible, Ethans include Jacob's great grandson, a descendant of Levi, the grandson of Judah, and the father of Azariah. Ethan the Ezrahite, Kushaiah's son, is the most notable of these mentions. His wisdom is comparable to that of King Solomon, whom the Bible states is the wisest among all men. As such, it comes as no surprise that people who are named Ethan are normally great at expressing themselves and are creative.


3. Eli

A boy with curly hair


Eli is a biblical name that means "lifting up" or "the offering." In Hebrew, the name means "ascended," "high," or "my God." The name was borne by the priest Eli from the Old Testament. He cared for Samuel when he was child before becoming a prophet. It is also a Greek name that means "defender of man." People who bear this name therefore are said to have an inner desire for adventure and travel.


4. Easton

A boy lights a Chinese lantern


Easton is an English name that means "from East town." People who bear this name are said to be cooperative, balanced, adaptable, and shy at times. Famous people named Easton include American country singer Easton Corbin. About 5,486 children who were born in 2017 were named Easton.


5. Ezra

A smiling boy holds a small personal chalkboard


Ezra is a Hebrew name that means "help" or "helper." In the Bible, Ezra is a prophet in the Old Testament, the leader of the Israelites as they headed to Jerusalem. He is also the author of the Book of Ezra. The name is a great alternative for parents searching for a biblical name that is not the traditional John, David, or Samuel.


6. Elias

A smiling child on a swing


Elias is a former Puritan name that is now gaining traction in the mainstream. The name is a Greek variation of Elijah, and it means "Jehovah is God." If a parent wants a fresh take on Elijah, Elias is a great option. This biblical title can also mean "the strong Lord" or "God the Lord." Following these biblical examples, many say that people named Elias tend to be leaders and not followers, are those who will initiate events, and have strong personalities. About 4,894 children who were born in 2017 were named Elias.


7. Ezekiel

A boy sitting on a wooden deck scratches his head


Ezekiel is a biblical name that means "the strength of God." In the Bible, Ezekiel is a prophet who is taken as a captive to Babylon at Jerusalem's first fall. He then writes the Book of Ezekiel while in captivity. As such, bearers of this name are said to possess a deep desire to have stability and love in the family. About 4,721 children who were born in 2017 were named Ezekiel.


8. Evan

A sleeping boy names in his parent's arms


Evan is a Celtic name that means "young fighter." It is also a Hebrew name that means "stone." For the Scottish, it means "right handed," while for the Welsh it means "young." As such, Evan is the perfect name for a boy who is determined. About 4,709 children who were born in 2017 were named Evan.


9. Everett

A baby boy plays with toy instruments


Everett is an English name meaning "brave" or "hardy." As such, people who bear this title are said to love adventure and change, able to adapt to new situations because of their versatility and vision. This also means, though, that they don't like to be restricted by conventions and rules. Everett is also a common surname. People who bear this title include comic book artist Bill Everett, who worked with Stan Lee to create Daredevil.


10. Emmett

A smiling boy runs around in a yard


Emmett is an English name that means "male." In Germany, the name means "powerful." Bearers of this title are therefore said to possess a deep desire to have personal independence and to utilize their abilities in leadership. This name is great for sons who would prefer to concentrate on big, critical issues. It likely became popular in recent years due to the success of the Twilight franchise, which features a vampire character named Emmett.


*Note: Statistics on the popularity of these names/number of babies given these names are based on available data on U.S. births in 2017, as reported by the official Social Security website.