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  9. 10 Purrfectly Hilarious Cat Memes

10 Purrfectly Hilarious Cat Memes

Let's Celebrate The Lords Of The Internet

A drawing of the iconic Grumpy Cat, a scowling feline who became on of the best cat memes of all time.


Everyone knows that cats rule the Internet. It's time to celebrate our furry friends with some of the dankest tributes possible: memes. From classic to trending, check out the best cat memes here.


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10. Nyan Cat


It's throwback time with this timeless sensation. Nyan Cat took off in 2011 after a Hatsune Miku (a Japanese vocaloid) song was added to the now-iconic gif. Nyan Cat is a great meme on its own, but occasionally crosses over with other Internet jokes to humorous effect, as this gif shows.


9. Pure-Bread Cat


You know what's great? Bread. You know what's also great? Cats. You know what's even better? Bread + cats. If catloafs are your thing, you probably have a dedicated meme folder for these guys.


8. Yelling at a Cat

A Tweet that says
via @MISSINGEGIRL on Twitter


It this taking things out of context? Yes. But is it hilarious? Also yes. When one Twitter user posted these two pictures side by side earlier this year, the Internet instantly knew it had a new meme format to work with.


7. Unsettled Tom



Tom and Jerry is the gift that keeps on giving decades after the show first aired on TV. The titular Tom is particularly meme-worthy, with screenshots of the cartoon character consistently trending as new memes. . .


6. Tom Reading the Newspaper

Disgusting from r/dankmemes


. . . like this one. This screenshot is from an episode that originally aired in 1956. You have to hand it to Hanna-Barbera for making us laugh over 60 years after this episode was originally released (although there's no way they could have predicted how their creation would evolve over the years).


5. Evanescence Cat

via MEME


Even our feline friends have their emo phases. That's okay; we're purrfectly fine with laughing at their angst.


4. Chemistry Cat

Chemistry Cat


Dog ate your homework? Broke. Cat did your homework? Woke. These chemistry-based jokes have made cat lovers and science nerds alike split with laughter since they first became popular in 2011.


3. Sad Cat

Sad country cat from r/memes


Because the Internet is the Internet, of course pictures of sad, crying cats would become popular. Thanks a lot, jerks.


2. I Can Has Cheezburger?

The original I Can Has Cheezburger cat meme, with a gray smiling cat appearing to ask,


This 2007 classic is one of the more well-known examples of LOLcatspeak, which gave kitties their own Internet language that still makes us laugh to this day. (We can only hope this kitteh got his borger in the end.)


1. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat No

The undisputed Queen of the Internet: Grumpy Cat, aka Tardar Sauce. This angsty-looking cat took the Internet by storm in 2012, and her iconic scowling face remains one of the best memes of all time. Unfortunately, Tardar Sauce passed away in May 2019, leaving us all pressing F to pay our respects.