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The Absolute Best Baby Girl Names

Not Just Any Name Will Do For Your Daughter

Pink baby slippers sit atop a stack of blankets


If you're looking for a name for your baby girl, you know the agony of trying to find that perfect name! You'll want to take into account the meaning, the spelling, and how it feels to say the name. After all, this will be the single word that she will hear most in her life (and the name you will use to call her when she's getting into trouble!)


If you're searching for the absolute best baby girl names, you can take a look at some that are admired for their sweetness and style.


1. Sophia

A fancy tea cup sits atop a pile of books


Sophie is a name that means "wisdom" in Greek. It is also the name commonly given to the feminine aspects of God, being held in regards as an expression of the light of God in the Gnostic tradition. In some traditions, the goddess-figure Sophia is also accredited with helping to create the material world, making Sophia a powerful and benevolent name to give your baby girl.


It is largely popularity due to its beautiful meaning. It is classic, easy to pronounce, and sounds simply beautiful. In 2017 alone, a recorded number of 14,831 baby girls received this elegant name in the United States alone.


2. Olivia

A close up shot of an olive branch


Olivia is a name that comes from the Latin word for olive branch. An olive branch is a symbol of peace, usually depicted as being carried by a dove. It is the feminine version of Oliver, both of which mean "elf army." The name was used in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, which lends the name a feeling of theatrical or medieval charm.


Olivia is also a biblical name, originating from its meaning of "peace" and "olive tree." Common nicknames include Liv, Livvy, Lili, or Via. In 2017, a recorded number of 18,632 baby girls received this name from some pretty smart parents.


3. Mia

A mother kisses her baby on the cheek as the baby smiles


Mia is a cute name meaning "wished-for child" or "rebellion." It is popular in Spanish-speaking countries and was popularized by actress Mia Farrow. It's a short and sweet name for a baby girl. It originally was derived from the name Maria or Amelia. It became the sixth most popular girl name in the United States in 2013.


4. Isabella

A mosaic of Jesus from the Hagia Sophia


Isabella is a Hebrew name that means "devoted to God." Some other variations of the meaning are "God is perfection" and "God is my oath." This name is mentioned in the Bible under the variation Elisheba. In many countries, people consider Isabella to be a royal name. Historically, many royal ladies had the name.


This is a perfect name for someone who is hoping to raise his or her child with elegance and benevolence. It's a gracious name, just seeping with kindness and exquisite beauty. Common nicknames include Bella, Isa, or Izzy. The nickname Belle means "beautiful" in French, giving Isabella two beautiful meanings.


5. Harper

An illustration of a woman playing the harp


Harper originates from the last name meaning "one who plays the harp." It's also the name of the renowned U.S. author Harper Lee, who wrote the acclaimed novel To Kill A Mockingbird. This title would be a great choice for someone who is raising his or her daughter in a family that loves to appreciate the fine arts, particularly music and literature. In 2017, 10,451 baby girls received this name (and it's easy to see why!)


6. Emma

The Andromeda Galaxy lights up the night sky


Derived from Germanic names beginning with ermen, it originally meant "universal" or "whole." Emma has been popularized by the famous actress Emma Watson, and 19,738 baby girls received this name in 2017. It's been among the top baby girl names in many different countries for over ten years. Common nicknames include Emi or Em.


7. Charlotte

An old photograph of a girl with curly hair in a frilly dress


Charlotte is a prestigious name commonly associated with curls and frilly dresses. It's a French name meaning "petite" and is perfect for a little girl. In 2017, around 12,893 girls were reported to have been given this name in the United States.


Common nicknames include Lotte, Lola, and Charlie. It's the female version of the name Charles or Charlot. It was popularized by the treasured children's book Charlotte's Web.


8. Ava

A pretty blue bird sits on a branch


Ava is a darling name that is short yet full of beauty. It may be derived from the Latin word meaning "bird" or a word meaning "life." Either meaning has an air of breathtaking beauty and simplicity. It's thought to be the Latin form of the name Eve, making it a modern-sounding name with deep, ancient roots in history.


15,902 girls received this name in 2017. It's been popular since the 1990s, but really experienced a spike in popularity in 1998. By the year 2010, it had reached fifth place of most popular girl names in the United States.


9. Amelia

A bi plane flies in the air


Amelia is derived from a blend of medieval folk names. In Latin, it has the meaning of "industrious" and "striving." It also originates from a Germanic word meaning "work."


Amelia Earhart, who was an aviator and the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic ocean in the year 1928, helped make this name famous. Common nicknames for Amelia are Amy, Lia, Emma, Milly, and Mel. 11,800 baby girls received the name Amelia in 2017.


10. Abigail

A stain glass window of King David playing the harp


The name Abigail comes from the Hebrew word meaning "father's joy." In the Bible, Abigail was the third wife of King David, described as beautiful and having good discretion. Abigail was once also used as a surname. Common nicknames for Abigail are Abby or Abbi. In 2017, 10,551 babies received the name Abigail.


The name Abigail went out of fashion during the nineteenth century, but has experienced a comeback since the twentieth century. It's been in the top 10 most popular baby girl names for several years due to its charming vintage appeal. The nickname Abby is also just too adorable!


*Note: Statistics on the popularity of these names/number of babies given these names are based on available data on U.S. births in 2017, as reported by the official Social Security website.