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Top 10 Girl Names That Start With A

The Best Names For Awesome Daughters

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A little over 3.8 million babies were born in the United States in 2017. Names that start with the letter A, such as Amelia, joined the list of the most popular baby names for girls that year. Others, such as Ava, have been dominating the list for years because of their meaning and likability.


There's a lot to consider when choosing a name: how it sounds, the meaning it carries, and personal significance, like a tribute to an old friend or family member. Names that start with an A are often popular and with good reason: these names symbolize class and refinement, as well as sounding simply beautiful. To help you find that perfect name for your new baby, here's a list of the most popular baby names for girls that start with an A.*


1. Ava

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Today, Ava has become an elemental name that carries different meanings in different countries. Historically, people associated the name Ava with biblical or animal themes. In Hebrew, the name Ava can relate to Chava, which is a reference to Eve, the first woman. In Iran, Persians consider the name Ava to mean "voice." There is also a likelihood that the origin of the name is from the Latin Avis, which means "bird."


In 2017, 15,902 baby girls in the United States were named Ava, and it's easy to see why. This name can definitely fit a girl who is strong and moral.


2. Amelia

A young child rests against her mother's arms


This name is incredibly popular in the United States: 11,800 individuals received this playful yet dignified name in 2017. The origin of this name is believed to be from Latin as a combination of two names, Emilia and Amalia. The name means "hardworking and industrious," both in English and in Latin.


This name is a charming alternative to the popular name Emily. A name that historically has been popular among nobility, Amelia invokes the images of romantic locations and the famous female pilot. This name will bring distinction to any child.


3. Abigail

A young girl in a blue dress plays with her pink hat


Abigail is a name with a biblical theme to it, originating from Hebrew. It means "exaltation," "gives joy," and "my father rejoices." Abigail is a powerful name because it was given to the wife of King David in the Bible, who was known for her wisdom and beauty. Hence, the concept of beauty and wisdom is also associated with the name Abigail. This is the perfect name to inspire daughters to look up to their biblical namesake and emulate her many virtues.


4. Avery

A young girl in a dress runs down a street


This is a British medieval name with magical roots that might be connected to the old word in English used for "elf." Avery was primarily a boy's name, but has transitioned to become a popular girl's name. There was a total of 8,186 baby girls born with this name in 2017 in the United States alone. The name has been used in many movies, children's fiction books, and TV shows to depict no-nonsense characters that are equally beautiful. This name can represent strong, independent, and ethereal women.


5. Aria

A young girl lays on a bed next to her sibling


Aria is derived from eighteenth-century Greek and Italian; it means "air" or "melody." In Teutonic, Aria means "eagle" or "eagle's wisdom." In Hebrew, Aria means "lioness." The name is also associated with the themes of nature, music, and words. Music fans might know that Aria refers to a song sung in an opera by a single voice. The sound of the name itself therefore hits all the right notes, perfect for choosing a name for a daughter who is both fearless and quirky.


6. Aubrey

A young girl rests her chin in her hand as she lays in the grass


This name historically started as a boy's name, although it is mostly used as a girl's name today. Aubrey means "elf," "power," or "magical being." The name originated from German, and it has a vintage quality with a lively ending sound. Also, many celebrities, such as comedic actress Aubrey Plaza, have this name. Anyone named Aubrey is in good company!


7. Addison

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The name Addison was first meant to be a boy's name, hence the meaning "son of Adam." Today, it is among the most popular unisex names out there. Addison gained popularity as a girl's name after the TV series Grey's Anatomy featured the female doctor Addison Montgomery. In 2017, it was among the most trending girl names with the first letter A. 5,593 babies received this awesome title.


8. Audrey

A young girl holds her blue stuffed bear as she plays with a plant


The name Audrey is timeless, becoming favorable among many parents today. Among the total number of births in 2017, Audrey represented at least 4,808 of them in the US. This English name means "noble strength."


There's some amazing precedence for this name: Saint Audrey; the character in the Shakespeare play As You Like It; and, of course, the talented actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn. This is simply a lovely and vintage name that many parents choose for their daughters.


9. Aurora

A baby girl in a dress sits and stares out of a large window


The origin of the name Aurora is Latin, and it means "dawn." In ancient mythology, the Roman goddess of the dawn was called Aurora. It was believed that morning dew was the result of her tears. Of course, this name is also scientifically meaningful, and parents could name their daughter this as a reference to Aurora Borealis. Also called the Northern Lights, this is a natural phenomenon that creates lights in beautiful colors all over the world. Disney fans will probably know this name from Sleeping Beauty, as Aurora was the name of the drowsy princess who embodied beautiful ambience. 4,573 girls were given this name in 2017.


10. Anna

A young girl plays outside with yellow balloons


Many names are derived from Ann—including Anne, Annie, Anna and Ann—and Anna has remained an ever-popular choice among parents. Besides the United States, the name is also common in Italy, Russia, and Sweden. Anna has been used to represent queens, actresses, and empresses because of how easily it pairs and blends with other names. Its use in the United States made it common in 2017, with a total of 4,520 girls receiving this simple yet powerful name.


With Great Names Come Great Responsibilities

Titles can carry a lot of power. These baby girl names are popular because of their authentic meanings and the personality they carry. There's no doubt about it: people who carry these names are bound to do great things!


*Note: Statistics on the popularity of these names/number of babies given these names are based on available data on U.S. births in 2017, as reported by the official Social Security website.