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  9. 10 (Mind) Blowing Pornhub Facts (NSFW)

10 (Mind) Blowing Pornhub Facts (NSFW)

No Need To Thank Us

Pealed bananas covered in melted caramel


Canada has given the world so much: instant mashed potatoes, the snow blower, and Pornhub. (Yes, Pornhub is a Canadian-based company.) This adult site is currently the largest single website on the Internet, drawing in traffic from around the world. The only ~appropriate~ way to celebrate this treasured source of entertainment is by sharing some mind-blowing Pornhub facts most people probably don't know.


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10. There's actually some pretty tame content on the site.

There really is something on here for almost everyone. To those looking for some non-sexy action, rejoice! Plenty of people open parody accounts on Pornhub, and some host surprisingly wholesome content. Most often, these videos will contain deceptively suggestive titles but only contain G-rated content. One such popular parody account is owned by Ryan Creamer. Some of his videos include "I Blow You A Platonic Kiss" and "I, Your Step Brother, Decline Your Advances But Am Flattered."


9. Traffic once rose 570% in a single year.

2017 was rough. 2018 was an absolute shitstorm. People need a way to cope. Perhaps that's why traffic rose by 570% in a single year. Pornhub had 5 billion visits in 2017. By 2018? The site experienced over 33.5 billion visits. 👀💦

A person sticks two fingers suggestively into the folds of a cut ham
There's plenty of ways to release stress.


8. It's not just a popular porn site, but one of the most popular websites period.

Alexa Internet ranks the most popular sites on the web based on traffic data. Traffic and rankings fluctuate, but Pornhub consistently ranks high. Its Alexa ranking as of February 2019 was #28. That's right. Only 27 sites on the entire Internet are visited more often than Pornhub.

A red citrus fruit that looks like female genitalia
"The Internet is for. . . "


7. It plays annual April Fools' Day pranks on its visitors.

There's no denying this site has some personality. Pornhub is known to prank its users on an annual basis. One of its more sinister pranks involved falsely suggesting to users that they had shared a video on their social media accounts. (Yikes.) Some of its more lighthearted pranks include the 2016 Cornhub event. The site changed its name temporarily to Cornhub and uploaded videos of corn with suggestive titles like "HOT STEAMY HARDCORE CORN."

A partially opened husk of sweet corn


6. The company actually does a lot of charitable work.

This site makes people feel good in more ways than one. Pornhub not only hosts an annual $25,000 scholarship, but also often donates to charitable causes like saving the whales or raising cancer awareness. The company does this by donating money to certain charitable organizations based on the number of videos uploaded or viewed during a certain time period. Who has it teamed up with in the past? Among others, PETA and Christy Mack.

A humpback whale breaches the ocean surface
There's more than one way to help wildlife.


5. The disastrous start of 2019 bumped up its traffic.

If 2018 taught humanity anything, it's that things can always get worse. And when things get worse. . . Well, most people probably get the idea here. The longest U.S. government shutdown pushed many people to the site, as well as the polar vortex. Traffic in some states increased as much as 22%. Although to be fair, there's really not much else to do in sub-zero temperatures.

A mannequin hand suggestively strokes a pear
When the weather outside is frightful. . .


4. Kanye West directed its 2018 inaugural awards.

There's a lot to unpack in that statement. Yes, Pornhub started hosting awards last year. Yes, Kanye West was the creative director. Who was recognized? Only the cream of the crop. Categories include Top Lesbian Performer, Top Fetish Performer, Top Threesome Performer, and Instagrammer of the Year. (Academy Awards who? 😤 👏🔥 🔥💯)


3. It has its own VPN.

No judgement. Pornhub hosts its own VPN now, VPNhub. Fortunately, there is a free version with unlimited bandwidth available, so it's pretty accessible. To bump up speeds or use a desktop version, however, people will need to upgrade to premium accounts.

Webpage displaying services of a VPN from Pornhub
No judgement. (Credit: Pornhub)


2. Its parent company owns a lot of other porn sites.

Pornhub is owned by MindGeek, another Canadian-based company. Besides Pornhub, MindGeek also owns other popular adult sites, including RedTube, PornMD, YouPorn, and Xtube.

Red and white Canadian flag with iconic maple leaf in the center
Oh, Canada.


1. Pornhub tried to bribe Russia with free premium accounts.

No joke. Due to various concerns, Russia banned the entire site. People weren't happy, but at least Pornhub tried to be diplomatic. The company generously offered some officials Pornhub Premium accounts, free of charge. Pretty generous, considering a year-long subscription can cost almost $100 USD. The offer was declined. Fortunately, after some negotiating, Russia lifted its ban on Pornhub.