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10 Examples Of A Perfect Letter Of Recommendation

Get Inspired With These Examples

A man writers the perfect letter of recommendation


Besides resumes and cover letters, letters of recommendation are an important part of applying for a job. Have you been asked to write a letter of recommendation for someone else? Do you need one yourself to get a job or another position? Either way, it's important that you have a note that effectively serves its purpose. A good letter of recommendation can help a deserving candidate get the job or the promotion that they've been working toward or a spot in a graduate program. The following are ten examples of perfect letters of recommendation that you can use as a general template. Happy letter writing!


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1. Overall Best

Overall best letter of recommendation

This example is perfect because it touches on everything. Let's start from the beginning. The first part describes what a generally wonderful person the candidate is. Next, it outlines how the candidate's specific skills proved invaluable to the company, and how the candidate successfully utilized those skills to be a success at the job. It continues by portraying just how much of a team player the candidate is. This last detail is important because employers want to know if the applicant is able to work well with others. This paragraph validates that ability.


While so far everything has been great, the letter really picks up from here. In fact, it borders on sheer genius. It gives a blanket recommendation that this applicant would be a great fit no matter what job they're applying for. Finally, the last paragraph invites the prospective employer to contact the writer if they have any questions or if they want to have a personal conversation. This is a powerful motivator, since it removes any doubt whatsoever whether the sentiments expressed in the note are absolutely genuine. Overall, this is a perfect letter of recommendation because it can work well for any kind of job or program application.



2. A Clever Teaser

Clever teaser letter of recommendation

This letter is perfect because it doesn't go into too much detail about the job candidate. It says just enough to let the prospective employer know that the applicant has a number of qualities that might be appropriate for the job he's looking for. It starts out with a confirmation of how long the job candidate worked at the previous company. Next, the writer suggests that the candidate has so many strengths that there are too many to mention in such a short letter. Note, though, that the previous employer vaguely touches on some of the general skills that the job candidate has. Then, in the final paragraph, the note lets the prospective employer know that it's okay to contact the writer by telephone or by email. This recommendation gives just enough information to be a teaser. Hopefully, it will tempt most prospective employers to either pick up the phone or write to the previous employer for more information.



3. For the Recent Graduate

Recent graduate letter of recommendation

This example is perfect if you are recommending a recent graduate for their first professional job. In the first paragraph, the writer lets the prospective employer know how long the writer has known the graduate. This detail helps the prospective employer get a sense of how well the writer actually knows the job candidate and their qualifications. The letter continues to give specific information about what courses the candidate took and how this individual performed in class. As far as being a student, this example tells the employer that the candidate was able to follow through on coursework in a mature and responsible manner.


The next section provides specific examples of how the student excelled at school. Prospective employers are always eager to gain insight into how a recent graduate handles themselves in specific situations. So, this section would be quite helpful. Finally, the writer extrapolates on the graduate's potential and how well they might perform in the professional world. While this section is merely speculation, it does speak to the writer's willingness to put their reputation on the line on behalf of a recent graduate. The message is obvious: This recent graduate made a positive impression.



4. For Program Admission

Program admission letter of recommendation

Do you have someone trying to gain admission to a program, such as a graduate program? If so, then you should consider this perfect example. What makes this particular letter stand out is the fact that it's written by a fellow student. It takes a well-rounded person to receive accolades from a fellow student. After all, many students feel that they are in competition with one another. But in this case, the program candidate is lauded as a top-notch student and researcher by one of her peers. This is a rare example that would really make an impression on the program's admission board.



5. For an Internship

Letter of recommendation for an internship

Often, an internship is the first step toward a full-time position in a good company. If you are ever in a position where someone asks you to write a letter of recommendation for an internship, this is a perfect example to emulate. The letter starts with stating who the author is, where they work, and why they're qualified to recommend this particular person. It then follows with how long they have actually known or worked with the internship candidate.


The next section is ideal because lists specific reasons why the candidate would be suitable for the internship. Better yet, it follows with specific examples of how of those skills play out in the real world. Finally, this note specifically states that the writer is knowledgeable of the specifics of the internship program. In other words, they aren't just generally recommending the candidate to any program; they feel that this applicant would make a good match for this particular internship. This letter ends with an invitation to contact the author in case the recipient has any other questions about the recommended applicant. This ending enables the recipient to ask any unaddressed questions they may have about the candidate's potential to be successful.



6. The Official Letterhead

Official letterhead letter of recommendation


Presentation can make a difference. A letter of recommendation written on official letterhead is sure to impress. It radiates an authenticity and authority that the most of the competition simply won't have. In addition, this note not only gives the writer's contact information, but it also gives the contact information of the organization that the writer works for. This little detail validates the position and power of the person writing the letter. What also really stands out here is that it's written by a fellow teacher and professional. Who better to judge the skills of a professional than a colleague? This viewpoint makes for a valuable recommendation, whether you're the one writing it or the one using it to get a job.



7. A Reasonable Example

Reasonable letter of recommendation

What stands out most here is that there aren't over-the-top accolades. Let's face it. Not everybody is an absolutely brilliant student or the perfect employee. But those who do the best they can still deserve to get a quality letter of recommendation. If you are asked to recommend someone who deserves it and does a little bit better than their peers, this is the perfect reasonable letter to write.


Let's break it down. In the first section of this letter, the writer states that they are specifically writing to enable the student to get a scholarship. It goes on to state how long the writer has known the student and the nature of the relationship. In the second paragraph, the writer offers their recommendation based on the student's respectable performance. This paragraph calls out some of the student's outstanding qualities that would help him be successful if he receives the scholarship. Finally, the last paragraph reiterates the writer's recommendation of the student.



8. Simple Yet Effective

Simple yet effective letter of recommendation

There's nothing fancy about this letter of recommendation, but its simplicity is actually beneficial. This example would effectively vouch for someone like a previous student who is applying for early admissions. Note that this is a general letter, addressed to "whom it may concern." So, the student can use it any time they need a general recommendation letter.


The letter's content gets straight to the point, which can be refreshing for someone reviewing many applications at once. The first sentence clarifies the nature of the writer-candidate relationship, how long the writer has known the student, and which class(es) the student took. The second sentence summarizes what the writer thinks of the student and her performance in class. The middle paragraph is the one that really makes this a standout letter. It's not overly professional or objective; instead, this paragraph takes an almost personal approach and goes into other activities that the student is involved in. This section demonstrates that the writer is not only able to judge the student's academic performance, but also her extracurricular activities at the school.



9. Professional and Business-Sounding

Professional and business-sounding letter of recommendation

Need a professional and business-sounding recommendation letter? Look no further. This note goes into a lengthy description of the writer-candidate relationship and what the writer thinks of the candidate's skills and abilities to be successful at the job they're applying for. It also explains what the candidate's responsibilities were while working with the letter writer. Here, it importantly describes how the candidate reacted to different situations while under the writer's management. Finally, the letter generally discusses the candidate's role in the company and how they interacted with their colleagues within the organization. The level of detail here is so great that the letter's recipient may not even need to contact the writer for more information! (Although there is a short line at the end indicating that any additional questions would be welcomed.)



10. Straight to the Details

Straight to the details letter of recommendation

Hiring managers and program admission boards have to sift through a lot of applications. Having something that cuts straight to the details can be refreshing, making the application stand out. This note does just that, digging into the details without a lot of introduction. The tone of the letter is personal even though the format is professional. It talks about the candidate in a casual manner, describing the candidate's abilities almost in the form of a story. This story-like quality makes for an engaging letter of recommendation to read. At the same time, it covers all the bases that are needed in a quality recommendation, such as how long the writer knew the candidate, the nature of the relationship, and the candidate's abilities to handle various situations in a business environment.


Disclaimers: Views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and may not represent the best choice for your unique situation.