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Have You Found Your Soulmate?

10 Clear Signs You've Found "The One"

Outline of a couple at sunset


It's the person who falls in step with your life journey like they should have been there all along. It is the person who gets you, even when you say nothing. It is the person who you can't imagine your life without. A soulmate is that proverbial embodiment of a soul who is meant to be connected with yours for the rest of your days. But how do you know if you've found the one?


Some signs that you have found your perfect match are so blatantly obvious they can't be ignored. Other indicators are more passive and not so easy to catch if you're not paying attention. Here are ten signs that you've found a healthy connection with your soulmate.



1. There's an Almost-Instant Connection

Two people hold puzzle pieces together


Love at first sight is a little too cliché and not always how you'll meet a meaningful partner. Connection at first interaction is a more logical statement where soulmates are concerned. Someone meant to be in your life for the long haul will bridge a connection to you during your first few interactions. Sometimes, the connection comes across as basic familiarity, like someone you've known your entire life. Other times, the instant connection can be something more trademark, like just knowing this person is something special. It can be because of the way they speak to you, make you feel, or peer into your eyes. It's not uncommon for true matches to be friends long before they are anything else. Why? Because those instantaneous connections happen so effortlessly after so much familiarity.



2. You Feel Safe Enough to Be Yourself

A man laughs while a woman stands next to him


Being in the presence of your soulmate should be easy. You should never feel like you have to look, act, or be a certain way other than your true self. A partner who makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and personality? That isn't healthy, and that partner is radiating negative energy that makes you feel like you have to cater to their expectations of who you should be.


The individual who is a true mate for you will make you feel safe enough. With them, you know being yourself is perfectly fine. You should have no issue letting your true self out, whether that means being a little too goofy, laughing at inappropriate times, or showing up for a date in jeans and your favorite t-shirt.



3. Intuitive Understanding Is Naturally Present

Black and white photo of a romantic couple holding hands


People with a spiritual connection can collaborate and exist in harmony without necessarily saying anything out loud. A quality partner will be the person who knows you are feeling down by the tone of your voice, understands when you need a minute because of the stressed look in your eyes, and recognizes your desire to be close to them by the softness in your touch. Intuitive connections to the right person come naturally. You won't have to work too hard to keep those connections alive, either. You know you are with your soulmate when they don't just know your feelings; they feel them, and those connections are reciprocated.



4. Compromises Are Easier to Handle

A couple holds hands while walking down the beach


Your heart just knows when someone is worth making a sacrifice for. One clear sign that you've found a true partner? You find yourself willing to compromise without reproach or regret. Compromises are the foundation of a loving, long-lived relationship. A certain level of give and take must exist between you and your partner. If the give and take is missing, you will end up fighting about the same situations over and over again. When you are matched with someone worthy of soulmate designation, your willingness to compromise will supersede your desire to stick firmly in your ways, thoughts, and actions. You will want things to work, so you will be willing to change and adjust, and so will they.



5. You Both Want Similar Things Out of Life & Hold Similar Values

A soon-to-be father presses his face against an expectant mother's pregnant belly


Opposites can and do attract, and some variation between two people is good. But there is an untold truth behind the old saying. Even opposites that have connected need similar goals, values, and ideas. An introvert may be enthralled and captivated by an outspoken mate, but under those opposing personality types, there should be deep similarities that bind them together. For example, you should both agree about big things in life, such as if you want to have children or how you view equality in a relationship.



6. Your Connection Goes Far Beyond Physical Intimacy

A couple is shown holding hands in a grass field


Physical intimacy is an awesome way to gauge your connection to someone and it is definitely important to many people. However, you should be connected on other levels beyond just that. Some couples are a perfect match in the bedroom but have little in common otherwise. This combo is not a good recipe for long-term relationship success. Physical intimacy is one facet of most relationships. It just can't be the only facet that makes you feel connected.



7. You Fight Like You Love Each Other

A woman and a man stand back to back.


It's inevitable—people in a romantic relationship will have fights. In a lot of ways, these quarrels are a natural part of the relationship-growth process, and they can be healthy. But there's a difference between fighting like soulmates and fighting like two people who could potentially let go of the relationship at any given moment. Disagreements between true matches tend to come to softer places that are entwined with heartfelt emotions. An argument may ensue because one of you felt neglected or disregarded, for instance. If you're constantly fighting about insignificant issues (and there's nothing deeper behind it), it can be a sign of a shallow relationship.


By contrast, genuinely compatible partners have empathy and understanding for their mate. So, arguments should get resolved in a healthy manner. After, everything should go right back to what they were before the fight, if not better.



8. Anxiety Associated with Uncertainty Is Almost Nonexistent

A couple serenely holds each other


Dating someone who stirs feelings of doubt and uncertainty is something that most deal with at some point in their life. In these relationships, you can never quite feel completely comfortable with the idea that the connection is stable. You may even worry that you are wasting your time. With a healthy match, however, relationship anxieties should rarely be enough to cause you to feel uncertain if the two of you can make it.



9. You Respect One Another's Individuality

A couple walks beside each other at the beach on a sunny day


Soulmates don't have to be identical in nature. Differences are typical, whether you are referring to personality types, hobbies, or something else. Your true match will respect that you are your own individual. They won't find fault if you have a different opinion than they do. They will support you in what's important to you. Most importantly, they will never make you feel like it is not okay to stay true to yourself and what makes you who you are.



10. Envisioning the Future Together Is Easy

An elderly couple dances together


Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with your partner? Do you feel certain that the two of you will have many years of togetherness? These are good indicators you have found your soulmate. The one who obviously has that soul-to-soul connection with you will make it easy to feel confident about what the future holds for both of you.